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    Kitsune's Legacy Uploads

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    Deciding when to let go

    Update: Pooka passed today. Yesterday, she started to blackbeard and her eyes were sunken. But even as late as last night, she was crawling around and sniffing my hand. The truth is I didn't even notice that she had passed until this afternoon, and I'm mortified by that fact. When I looked in...
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    Deciding when to let go

    Thank you, Tracie. Haven't used CBD oil, but our vet does have her on a prescription of Chinese herbs (along with some more standard medicines). Normally alternative medicine is not at all my thing, but the vet basically said that while they don't know how it works, it doesn't seem to hurt...
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    Deciding when to let go

    Thank you so much, Cooper. I feel like she's slowing down a little, and her stool is getting coming out drier than usual. But she's still moving around the tank, gives us sass when we administer her medicine, and gets excited about blueberries. I think she's probably dealing with some pain, but...
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    Deciding when to let go

    Wow, I haven't posted on here for years. When I did, it was when Pooka was very young. I smile looking back on some of those posts. She was such a little stinker back then!! Pooka is almost 4.5 years old now, and tragically, I think she's nearing the end of her life. Back in May, I noticed a...
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    2019 Bearded Dragon Calendar Previews. PLEASE REVIEW!

    Pooka's name looks good. Thank you so much for including her!!!
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    Switching from a juvenile to an adult diet

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate the detailed reply! I was told by the breeder that hatchlings from the pairing she's from are often around 17 inches. I'm hoping she'll pick up a little more length. You can't see it in the picture I posted, but she has a slight kink her in tail (picture...
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    Switching from a juvenile to an adult diet

    This is Pooka, my female bearded dragon. I've had her since August and recently she turned one year old. She's gone from 8 grams when I got her to over 350! She's about 14ish inches long. Not sure if this will be her full grown size or if she has more growing to do. Right now she gets daily...
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    Dealing with a stressed/skittish sub-adult beardie

    If it helps at all, Pooka was hiding in the log this morning. When I came home from work, she was in the same position :shock: So I don't know if it's me per se. However, she was doing this even before I moved, so I'm not sure. Tonight I was able to tempt her out with a wax worm, and...
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    Dealing with a stressed/skittish sub-adult beardie

    I'm measuring the temperatures with a temperature gun. Pictures of her setup are below, if it helps to visualize. Lights went out about an hour ago. Poor thing has wedged herself in a really uncomfortable position in an attempt to hide. If I take out the log altogether, I think she'll just...
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    Dealing with a stressed/skittish sub-adult beardie

    I have had Pooka since August 2017. She is about 9 months old. I have picked up her pretty regularly, but unfortunately I fear this has done more to convince her that I am a scary UFO monster than anything else. Some background: My boyfriend and I recently moved to a new place. In the...
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    Non-adhesive shelf liner vs. tile

    Pooka (my 9 month year old female beardie) is currently being treated for a moderate case of coccidia. Up until now, I've used tile as her substrate. I temporarily switched over to non-adhesive shelf liner, as I figured I'd have to do a lot of cleaning while she's getting treatment. I'm...
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    Feeding crickets for the first time

    Thank you, I'll give that a try! I think the speed of the crickets was throwing us both off.
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    Feeding crickets for the first time

    I've had Pooka for about a month. She's about 6 inches long, and about 4 months old. So far she's been fed dubias, the occasional waxworm, and beardie-appropriate vegetables. Unfortunately I discovered after coming back from vacation that I'm low on dubias. The soonest I'll be able to get...
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    It's been almost 2 years!!!

    I also use a combination of Home Depot slate tile - it really does get annoying trying to make all of the pieces fit! I do have a corner where I gave up and it's just paper towels :roll: (Not to turn this into an enclosure thread, but is there a disadvantage to doing an entirely slate tank?)
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