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    Lighting for 24Lx18Wx12H?

    A few days ago, I got an 8 week old Rankins dragon. He weighs in at a whopping 3 grams ?. I was planning on putting him in my 36x18x18, but he's so small and I didn't want to stress him out. So I currently have him in a 20 gal equiv. I currently have lighting as follows: basking lamp over...
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    Repashy grub pie paste?

    I know how to make grub pie in it's normal gel form, but what's a good ratio to make it more of a thick paste? Not needed for syringe feeding, I've just found that my beardie responds better to it kind of soft.
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    Lightweight Viv options?

    I'm looking to upgrade my beardie from a 36"x24"x18" to a 4x2x2 ft. She's currently in a glass front-open terrarium, and that thing is super heavy. What are good Viv options that are more lightweight? I've read about PVC and plywood, but I haven't found a pre-made one online that I like. Are...
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    One eye sticks out

    My 5 year old beardie appears to have one of her eyes sticking out further than the other. The socket and her eyelids are not sticking out, just the eye. It seems as if the clear lens on the outside of the eye is larger than the other one? Had it checked with a vet, and they don't know what it...
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    Dome lamp clamp?

    So in stores and online, you can buy dome fixtures that have an attachable clamp. I need the clamp, but have no need for the dome. In my searching, I’ve only ever found clamps that come with the dome. Does anybody know where to buy a clamp by itself? Or have any other suggestions for how to DIY...
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    Rankins Dragons

    Ever since I got my first bearded dragon, I’ve wanted to get a second one. However, I’m in college, so I live in small apartments and move often. So, dealing with 1 full size dragon with her 55 gal viv is enough of a hassle. I am hoping to get a Rankins Dragon, because the smaller viv will not...
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    4 month old head bobbing?

    I got my beardie from a pet store about a month and a half ago. I am assuming she/he is between 3 and 4 months old. Recently, my father has told me that she has started head bobbing (I am at college and he is taking care of her). So I'm taking his word for it as he hasn't been able to capture it...
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    How many adult female dubias should you have to 1 male dubia? I have heard different numbers on how many the males can fertilize. And do they need to have light in order to reproduce? I know they need heat. My father has been kind and generous enough to start breeding dubias in addition to...
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    tail rot?

    Today after giving her a bath I noticed that my beardie's tail was much darker than it normally is. She just finished shedding 2 days ago. Could it be tail rot or is it just my imagination? I don't really know how to tell if it is tail rot or not, other than it changing color, so I could use...
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    dubia breeders in pennsylvania?

    I am looking to start my own colony, but with the weather being so cold I am afraid to order any from far away. So I was wondering if anybody knew of a dubia breeder in Pennsylvania that will ship or be available for pickup so that I can get my colony up and running (and stop making weekly trips...
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    My PetSmart Beardie

    A month ago while I was at my local PetSmart, I decided to look at their reptiles. When I looked into the tiny 10 gal bearded dragon display, I was horrified. Inside where 4 bearded dragons, 3 of which were about 7 1/2 inches, and the 4th, a little over 5 inches. It also looked as if it had not...
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    spots on underside???

    I purchased my beardie a month ago from a local pet store. I am assuming she/he (I don't know yet but I call her a "she") is about 3 months old, although I am unsure about that. She is 7 inches. When I first got her I noticed she had spots on her that slightly resembled a cheetah pattern. After...
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hi, I'm Tara, a college student from Pennsylvania. I'm a first time bearded dragon owner, having gotten my beardie just under a month ago from a local pet store. Her (I am unsure of the sex because of how young she is, but I tend to refer to her as female) name is Aberdeen and I am so happy I...
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    beardie eating enough?

    How much should a 2-3 month old bearded dragon be eating in a day? I got my beardie from a pet store almost a month ago and I am guessing on its age (it is about 7 inches long). For the past few days she's been eating only 4-5 crickets a day and some greens. Previously she was eating up to 10. I...
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