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    Yellow Beard

    So my 6 year old bearded dragon has been doing really super well, but recently (I'd say the last couple of days) all of the scales under her mouth/jaw are turning a yellow tint when naturally she is white all over her chin. She has no yellow in her natural coloring at all (she's a red bearded...
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    Pheonix Worm/NutriGrub Temps

    I just ordered some Pheonix worms to try out with my babies (and the delivery should be here soon - so excited!). I read the guide that's posted here, so I have a small critter keeper, heat pad, proper bread, and apple/strawberry baby food. My question is this: What is the importance of the...
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    Clorox Cleaning Wipes SAFE????

    Hi! I have a sort of soft black lining at the bottom of my vivs for easy cleanup (I've checked and the color/material does not retain heat so there's no risk). I was wondering if the Clorox-style cleaning wipes are safe to use in the enclosure? I've started using them because they're really good...
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    Adult Bearded Dragon Shedding

    How often do adult bearded dragons shed? My oldest is 6 years old and for the last month or so her color has been very dull especially on her head. I'm 99.9% sure she just needs to shed, but it's been hanging around for a while. My mom has been caring for her while I've been at college, and I...
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    Hamburg, PA Reptile Show

    I'm not sure how many of you are in PA, but there's a reptile show in Hamburg on Saturday August 5th! This is where I bought Sienna almost 6 years ago and I plan to go this year to replenish some of my beardie food/supplies. They've got really good prices and lots of experienced breeders.
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    Hammock/Fabric Advice

    I want to create cloth hammocks for my bearded dragons (I am well-versed with a sewing machine), and I was just wondering if anyone knew how often they should be washed? Understandably if one of my beardies defacates on them they would get washed, but I wasn't sure if there was a known time...
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    New Member, Not So New Owner

    Hi, everyone! First off, I want to say that I'm really glad that I found this place! I own two females, an almost 6 year old red and a 4 month old citrus. I adopted the citrus (Citrine) a couple of months ago from a woman who bought her from a PetCo. She was gray and stuck in a tank way two...
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    Are there different care requirements for leather backs?

    I am used to raising regular bearded dragons, but I've recently become interested in adopting a leather back bearded dragon. Does the care for leather backs differ at all?
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    Dealing with Mites

    Hi, all! I'm pretty new to this forum, so I'm not sure if this is covered yet but I wanted to share a really important discovery I had made when my beardie got mites a few years ago. I believe she had gotten them because of some wood I had introduced to the enclosure without soaking and baking...
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