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    Blood in stool but clean fecal test

    I feed the crickets the same veggies I feed him - dandelion greens, collard greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, occasionally kale or yellow squash. Here are some pics of him I took earlier today. I will take pics of his set up in the AM as soon as his lights are on. Thank you for any insight...
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    Blood in stool but clean fecal test

    The vet said he wanted to try the antibiotics before a blood test. I brought in a fecal sample and they sent it out to a lab to test, and I got the results the next day. I think I am going to start searching for a new vet, but I’m feeling frustrated as this was advertised as an exotics vet with...
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    Blood in stool but clean fecal test

    Every day for the past 6 days. As soon as it started, his appetite decreased. I went to the vet tuesday, who gave him a dose of ponazuril (he assumed it was the coccidia again) but the fecal test came back with 0 parasites. That’s when the vet suggested antibiotics because “maybe it could be a...
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    Blood in stool but clean fecal test

    Here is his poop from this morning - it is in the smaller bit of stool. Today was not as much blood as normal, but it’s never a ton, and it’s always after the main poop…usually a couple drops of bright red blood a few inches from the stool, or like this morning, about 20 minutes after his first...
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    Blood in stool but clean fecal test

    The UVB is about 4 months old, purchased in mid January. I am feeding no larger than the space between his eyes for the crickets and dubias, bigger for the hornworms as I read to go by the width of the soft bodied worms, not the length. He is 16 inches, so I was told he could handle medium sized...
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    Blood in stool but clean fecal test

    I have a Reptisun T8 tube bulb, hung about 8 inches above his basking spot. The basking temp is about 105 degrees, which I test via a temperature gun. I calcium dust 5x a week, and dust with multivitamins the other two days. The current substrate is paper towels. I will definitely post a pic of...
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    Blood in stool but clean fecal test

    Hi, I have a 5-6 month old bearded dragon who weighs approx 250 grams. A little over a month ago, I noticed some blood in his stool and decreased appetite, so I took him to the vet and his fecal sample had a coccidia infection of 4+. After the initial 2 doses of ponazuril and a disinfection...
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    Not seeing results with Ponazuril

    Hi, I have a 5 month bearded dragon who was having bloody diarrhea. His fecal sample at the vet showed coccidia (I’m not sure at what level), and he was prescribed .1 ml dosage of Ponazuril for two days (he weighed 157 grams at the time). He finished up the doses about a week ago and there has...
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