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    My male won't stop prolapsing!!!

    First of all thank you all for your insight and for giving me some great tips! I will start feeding him some crickets today to see how he does. I have raised his basking spot to make sure he reaches his 105 degrees in heat to see if that helps with his digestion. He did not like his fasting...
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    My male won't stop prolapsing!!!

    So the basking area is around 100.. sometimes 98 and sometimes 103. The cool side is at 80. In the middle I have a humidity and temperature gauge that is inside the enclosure on the glass and all openings are still open, it reads between 41 and 43 percent humidity and usually around 88 degrees...
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    My male won't stop prolapsing!!!

    Hey everyone, my name is Kevin, Im 29 and have two beardies at the moment. My female, about 9 or 10 months old is thriving, eating as much as her heart desires and just overall doing fantastic. My male however, about 7 months old, after purchasing him from a very well known small reptile shop...
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