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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Thank you! Question though, the tank isn’t very tall, like I don’t think it’s 12 in if it’s sitting on top of the tank, will be putting it inside still be okay? Is the reptile tank taller? I’m sorry for the stupid question I just wanna be 100% sure I understand
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    I’m at work currently but it’s one of these. She’s getting a 40 gallon long reptile tank with the doors that open in the front tho so o don’t have to keep moving her lamps to feed and interact with her or clean her tank. It has a fine mesh top on it.
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Thank you and it’s a finer mesh but not as fine as a screen door if that makes any sense. And hopefully it will be here tomorrow, Amazon said it will be
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Wow thank you! That’s a huge relief. I gotta get some more tonight and this morning she seemed much happier, she was hungry and ate everything in sight. Some veggies, worms, and vitamin coated crickets. I also put water on the veggies for her, she was much more active today and happy, her colors...
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Thank you! I ordered one of the uvb bulbs and fixtures through Amazon. I wanted it here as quick as possible and since I ordered it early it will be here Thursday. Didn’t want to take any chances waiting... as for tile, I have a tile cutter so can do! What are your thoughts on grouting the tile...
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Also her current enclosure. Tomorrow she’s getting a bigger tank and I got a large uvb bulb and fixture coming, for now she’s got a small one in that zoomed fixture. With a 100w basking bulb. Got the tank temp up to 90 currently as she’s going to sleep, I put the pad heaters on the sides of the...
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Yes I will as soon as I get home. Thank you!
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Thanks! Yes I am switching to tiles as I hear they are great for their nails. And they are easy to keep clean. She’s on salad, live crickets, and 3 different types of worms. With an occasional fruit treat. And I may sound kinda dumb but... coils like those fluorescent uvb bulbs? Or something...
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Thank you!
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    Is this yellow fungus?

    Hi, a little back story... I got a bearded dragon from a close friend who runs a reptile rescue. Mostly ball pythons, they know ball pythons better than I know my own home. They knew I love bearded dragons and when they took one in they offered it to me. The previous owner of the dragon said she...
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