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    Bearded dragon has black rim on scales

    It was also on a small peice of shed that fell off he has stripes on his tail but ive never notice this much black on the rims I bath him everyday and its been visible for about a week could it be coming of to soon? The lighter parts still have shed
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    horn worms turn white

    i have been buying hornworms for a while and i keep noticing some of the worm turn a more white idk if this is 100% true but they also seem to move less and seem to be less lively i looked it up on google and couldn't find anything on hornworm sicknesses if they are sick how do i prevent it and...
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    If you love lizards consider reading and sighning to make a

    A lot of you are going to disagree with this because it will make lizards harder to own but its for the lizards sake 1000s of people buy reptiles not knowing a thing about them and because of this the reptile suffers some people also just buy it because it looks cool and the animals sits in a...
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    Are bearded dragons heavy sleepers

    During the weekends i stay up quite late playing video games with my friends and talking with them i talk at a normal inside voice will this keep my bearded dragon awake
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    bearded dragon looking strange

    my bearded dragon isnt constantly doing this but does it often he will put his lip down like he is mean mugging me and i wanted to know if this could mean something bad
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    Spot of bearded dragons belly (not a stress mark)

    my bearded dragon has had this spot for a while i think it could be shed but I'm not sure if the stress marks are bad but he has always had them some sources say really stressed lizards will keep them forever i don't think he is stressed lately but he has had multiple owners and went throw a...
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    how to bond with bearded dragon and is over handleing bad

    i have a bearded dragon who has had a very scary life with multiple owners and a incident not involving me that is talked about in my other post i try to keep him out of his cage for a few hours a day because it would suck to live in a cage i am not always holding him during this time he is...
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    My bearded dragon has what I think is a Broken finger

    He has a finger that is twice the size of the same finger on the other hand but when we took him to the vet they said there was nothing wrong with his finger even tho it is obvious there is something wrong with it we live in Phoenix Arizona and would appreciate any vet recommendations the vet...
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