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    My dragon about 6 months old has an arm that is limp. He can move it if I really force him to. I have looked it all over but can't figure out what is wrong it has a small scratch but nothing out of the ordinary. He's a silk and gets scratches during shed. I have moved it straightened it rotated...
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    Rescue needs train help ASAP! In Washington

    The Rescue Needs help in Washington! There are 8 beardeds are being surrendered to us. We do not have anyone near there please help.
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    Need train help in Washington ASAP!

    The Rescue Needs help in Washington! There are 8 beardeds are being surrendered to us. We do not have anyone near there please help.
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    The Rescue Needs help in Washington!

    The Rescue Needs help in Washington! There are 8 beardeds are being surrendered to us. We do not have anyone near there please help.
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    Looking for a good wholesaler

    I am looking for a good wholesaler of reptile supplies. I have a tax ID so that is not a problem but I don't want to have minimum that are too high. I am looking into some business venture and would really like some advice. Thanks. Again I am looking for supplies not animals thanks!
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    Craig's list rescue need in vt
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    Play time question.

    Ok before this board I wouldn't of thought twice. I know bearded can't be housed together but can the be out at the same time? I am so scared of an accident. It seems that a lot of people allow co-play time but to me the same rules would apply it only takes one nip to lose a limb. I would love...
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    I wanted to introduce you to my crew. My first baby is Spike he's about a year and 1/2. He weighs in at 314 grams and is 17 inches long This is Lilly I got her with Darango she is 2 and weighs in at 292 grams and is 16 in. This is Darango, he is 100% hypo weighs in at 456 grams and 19 in...
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    More roach help

    I bought so hiss roaches today at the expo. At the expo they looked about the right size. However when I got them home i dropped one in with my big guy and he ate it but very slowly. I then gave one to each of my mating pair. The female the smallest of my adult healthy dragons ate hers and...
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    Help roach guys!!!

    Ok I separated my adult dubias because I was almost out of nymphs. I got some more nymphs at the reptile expo to day so I went to combine them and this is what I found Now I have seen them mating and I have seen the pop out the egg sac before pulling it back in, I have seen them drop thier egg...
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    New rescue might be in deep! *update*

    I rescued a dragon today I think he is really bad I went to look at a dragon expecting to find a healthy dragon. Unsure of the sex I was only going to buy it if it was a female I have two males already and one of them is king of the roost and spazes every time a male enters my house no matter...
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    Calcium problem/ pictures added

    I have two dragons with kinks in the end of thier tail. One was a female house with a monster of a male and I don't think she got what she needed and the other was a college closet rescue. I know the kink is one of the first signs of calcium issues so I have upped calcium even dusting dubias. I...
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    Hypothetical question sparked by Zac and wheezy.

    I was looking at zak and wheezy and I must say they are totally cute and awesome not to mention the dedication of thier human. When a question popped into my head. Some animals are sought after with two heads while some are consider "worthless" effects of interbreeding (a common practice in...
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    Dubia question

    Ok I know you are supost to feed your dragon what they can eat in 15 min. So I have been feeding my 3 beardies about 150 cricket a day and they all eat veggies good. I decided to switch to dubias because it says they need fewer than they cricket however my beardies all suck down the same amount...
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    Breeding question

    Ok so I bought two more beardies this week. A male hypo a real monster, and a female normal small the male is 23 months and the female is a little over two. They have been housed together since the male ( darango) was born. They have breed once. However I did not by them to breed the two of...
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    Roach overLoad here.

    Ok I hatttte roach because well I have been conditioned that way but after having 1000 cricket I hate them more. Lol however I am on overload with all the post and banter is there anyway one of the super cool bug guys could start a post that can't be replayed to that simply tells me what I need...
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