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  1. USCgrad

    Did a fecal test and...

    ok, some background..As a vet student, i was able to do some fecals (direct smear, two floats and a stain) on my dragons and with my biggest male (houdini) i found some protozoans (not a big deal) but i also found pinworm eggs, no pinworms but about 15 eggs. Most would consider that a moderate...
  2. USCgrad

    How much do YOU pay?

    Like the beardie classifies its called feeder classified under the reptile it would read reptile classified - feeders or pull up west coast roaches or cns feeders in fb and that should link you also..
  3. USCgrad

    Claw trimming?

    Kind of like cats in a sense, try employing stone or tile for a substrate, I hear it helps file them naturally, also climbing areas where they would use their claws to climb..then of course if all else fails and they bother you, the method your using lol...good luck
  4. USCgrad

    buying a beardie

    That's an open ended question..if you know what your looking for then express it, that way we can suggest some, most breeders are known for certain traits..and price lol..
  5. USCgrad

    How much do YOU pay?

    a guy just won 1000 supers for 9 bucks..and another about 900 dubias for 30...i really cant see how people pay retail when established vendors have deals like this on facebook...
  6. USCgrad

    How much do YOU pay?

    Reptile classifies..on Facebook you have to ask to join but look at all the sub groups..
  7. USCgrad


    Like yours but hypo?
  8. USCgrad

    How much do YOU pay?

    About 70 every two months feeding two large dragons and two find killer savings on's crazy I'm visit the feeder and dragon classifieds everyday and I will never buy retail again lol...
  9. USCgrad

    Superworm supplier ?

    Facebook is becoming a hub for companies holding great specials and's under the feeder section. I won two this weekend 100 horn worms 22 and 1000 supers medium for 13 all shipped...other than that yeah 18 plus shipping is the norm...
  10. USCgrad

    Does anyone use pellets or freeze-dried insects?

    I use pellets, it spices up my salads when I don't use bright peppers or vegetables , it's more of a color contrast, that gets my dragons interested. It does have some value so i wouldn't discourage its use. I also tried the can of crickets, lol weird name but they are gut loaded and stored in...
  11. USCgrad

    Types of leaves to feed beardies??

    At the zoo we feed willow as a treat, our animals go nuts for it, iguanas, Aldabras and host of other animals...I would be curious if dragons wouldn't mind some, wow I think I will have to try it out now...
  12. USCgrad

    baby beardie eating enough?

    For younger dragons, I believe the majority of their diet is prey based. Like 90% and greens the remaining percentage. I give my new baby crickets at least 3x a day and a plate of greens. I think size of the crickets would affect eating but I also don't max out the number I give her at each...
  13. USCgrad

    YouTube and cohabitation

    Ok, I know it has been discussed in great length but after watching a plethora of YouTube vids, it seems like more then a few hobbyists keep small groups of younger dragons together and groups of female dragons together without much problem. My question is if so many are not having issues why is...
  14. USCgrad

    What is your preferred substrate and why?

    I use a slate tile, looks better than carpet, retains some heat, and ease of cleaning (I just wipe up the fecals)..I hear it helps file nails down but I have not seen it as affective as a trimming..
  15. USCgrad

    Arcadia 12% vs. Reptisun 10.0 T5 HO

    From what everyone is saying, the t5 ho is twice the power of the t8's..and should be on par with the 12% with the reflector...but it's still new and still be tested
  16. USCgrad

    If you've been to a Repticon click here!

    the last day is usually when you will see a willingness to off load stuff...but prices are usually normal, if would be better off going to petco for their dollar a gallon sale..going on now, for a few more days..
  17. USCgrad

    40 Gal Breeder Custom Lid and Basking Spot

    the lid looks amazing..i am always in awe how talented people are with wood working, a gift, i have sadly never been able to develop...
  18. USCgrad


    i use slate tile, aesthetically it looks like flat rocks.. so a win in both functionality (natural nail file and ease of cleaning) and well, it looks better then newspaper...but exo terra has created a sand carpet, that might be on my short list of new products to try, should achieve what your...
  19. USCgrad

    What Is The Most Expensive Morph?

    spotted LB dunners are up there.. kevin posted one for 1300? i think
  20. USCgrad

    how often do you handle your beardie

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