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  1. theWERM

    Who has the laziest BD?

    I just wanted to do a poll on who has the laziest BD and why so I'll go first. I think I have the laziest BD because today when I got home from school I found myself looking at one of my BD's asleep under his blanket. After doing some investigating it turns out he actually got up took a poop...
  2. theWERM

    Temperature question

    I live in AK and the summer temps are on average 50-70 degrees F. I really want to start taking my beardies outside but I'm worried about the temps. Can I take them out at these temps and if so, for how long would you guys recommend?
  3. theWERM

    Taming a Beardie

    Hey, guys I am beardie sitting for my friend for the next 2-4 days. The beardie is 2-3 months old and mean, I just went over to feed him, when I got here he bit me, when I left I could pet him without hissing or running away. All I did was slowly put my hand in the tank and slowly and lowly got...
  4. theWERM


    I was on vacation for a month and on the last week my beardie sitter only came in every 2-3 days.when I got back my beardies were pooping every day, now their not. They are still pooping but not every day. I know that my beadie sitter was not taking them baths and handling them because it was a...
  5. theWERM

    Gone for June

    hi, i'm going to be gone for a month (i'm leaving on friday) and i have someone who is going to be staying at my house and will be caring for my reptiles. the problem is thet are not going to be here for the last week and i'm worried about them, there might be someone that may come over to take...
  6. theWERM


    Hi, In the last week and a half one of my beardies has gotten a kind of bump on about a third of his tail. It looks gray as if he were shedding. He is the beardie that has developed pooping problems within the past 3 months. He gets the same exact care that the other two bearded dragons get...
  7. theWERM

    Live Plant in Gecko Tank

    I went to petco earlier (I do NOT like petco but my brother needed something) and I saw some small aloes (i like aloes) and i was wondering if i could put it in my leos tank. would cleaning it and puting it out of reach be ok? (I dont have an I.D. for it yet)
  8. theWERM

    super worms

    hi, i just got some super worms for the first time today and i was wondering how many supers i should feed them, they are all over a foot long.
  9. theWERM


    Hi, i just hade two questions: has anyone ever got or know someone that has got salmonella from a captive bread beardie. and can beardies drop their tails?
  10. theWERM

    Throw up!

    Hi, I just got home not 8 minutes ago to find that one of my beardies threw up :puke: !! he only ate about half of his salad and there was salad, mealworms, crix, and even the beardie treat i gave him last night. I gave him some extra food last night because become a little skinnier lately, is...
  11. theWERM

    Black beard & Hiding

    HI, one of my beardies (Nacho) has been acting a little strange. When I had him out yesterday i moved a little bit and he ran under the bed and turned his beard black and puffed up to the max, we calmed him down but it took about 10-20 minutes for him to turn his his beard white, he didn't have...
  12. theWERM

    my two leopard geckos

    hi, when i put put my two leopard geckos together (one 4.5'' and the other 6'') the bigger one looks at the others tail oddly and the smaller gecko just ignores it. does any one know whats going on? as far as i know they are to young to sex.
  13. theWERM

    claw waving

    Hi, i have three beardies (in separate tanks) and when i take them around my newest beardie they start waving they're claws along with a little bit of head bobbing, (they only do it if across the room) and i was wondering if this is a mating :shock: thing or a sign of dominancy :angry5: . i...
  14. theWERM

    leopard gecko shedding

    hi, i have had my leo since valintines day and he went through a shed about a week and a half ago and still hasn't gotten off the shed on his toes. i was wondering if i could use the ''humidifying spray tropical mist'' (the same thing i use for my shedding beardies) to help him shed his toes
  15. theWERM

    need help now!

    my beardie just almost bit off his toe and it wont stop bleeding wat can i do? i did the baking powder thing and he just tried eating it. hes ina bath and wont stop bleeding. my dads picking up sum stuf from a beardie lady rite now. is ther anything i can do?
  16. theWERM

    Leopard gecko

    hi, I've had my leo since valintines day and I take him out of his tank when i feed him i just wanted to know if that was fine. and he doesn't freak out as much when I go to grab him I wanted to know if thats bad or good.
  17. theWERM

    petting beardies

    Hi, i was wondering if there are certain ways or areas that beardies likes to pet. (like a dog)
  18. theWERM

    beardie poop

    Hi, all my beardies for some reason havnt pooped in three days and finaly yersterday they pooped. one of my had runny poop and again today, i have been feeding them apple sauce, is that the reason why? its not completly all watered down its kinda like a mushy log :puke:
  19. theWERM

    a few pics of my beardies

    this first pic is of my three beardies, the one on the left is Stewie, the beardie in the middle is Nacho, and the one on the right is Little Pancake. this is a pic of Stewie drink'n Mountain Dew...
  20. theWERM

    Help with getting new lizard

    Hi, I have a 10 and 15 gallon tank and i was wondering if anyone knows of any lizards/geckos (preferably desert but jungle is fine) that would be forever be happy in one of these tanks, would a skink be fine? I already have a leopard gecko and am looking for another reptile. Are armadillo...
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