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    Free-roaming (sorta) Dubias in enclosure?

    Looking for some feedback on allowing some dubias to be somewhat 'free roaming' in an enclosure to allow the BD to eat throughout the day. Due to work schedules, I'm not able to maintain a normal feeding 'schedule', so I'm trying to think of some alternatives. I'm thinking I would have two...
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    Fake Plants

    It's hard to get an idea of the size of the base, but it looks like the talker ones might be prone to tipping? Also I'd be worried about how the silk flowers hold up to uhmm... beardie "accidents". I definetly agree though, pet store prices are outrageous. Go to a crafts store for your...
  3. J

    Rust-oleum Stone Texture Spray Paint

    Or just use sanded grout, it's got the sand already mixed in. :)
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    Automatic cricket feeder

    I asked a similar question about feeding dubias awhile back. I was trying for something that you could load up 4-5 days worth. I did run into some issues, but if you were just looking for something for a single day, that would be no problem. My original design was to have several tubes...
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    how much food do dubias eat

    In my experience, they eat quite a bit. You didn't mention in how long though. :) Are you planning on buying food online, or just need something to start them off? With that many roaches, especially after being shipped, I would say it's probably no stretch to say they would eat several...
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    Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat spray?

    Based on this description: That is a cleaner, not a sanitizer or disinfectant. Granted, completely cleaning and removing waste is a required step for sanitizing, IMO using this would only be step 1.
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    Just my $.02, I haven't read one thing that would indicated BDs need sand for any purpose. It's kind of like the gravel you put in fish tanks... it's more for you and the looks, than anything to do with the fish. I guess I'm not strongly for it or against it, but the negatives do seem to...
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    Need help deciding UVB combination & size

    General rule of thumb is you want the UVB light covering 1/2 - 2/3 of the tank. I'm assuming 12" is the width of the tank (which is generally considered way too narrow for an adult), so one 36" bulb will be fine. The heat light / basking light should over lap the UVB.
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    Most people use 1/2" - 3/4" plywood or melamine coated particle board for the back and sides, so if anything I'd be worried that plexiglass / acrylic wouldn't hold enough heat in, unless it is pretty thick. I think glass is technically a better insulator, but in this case I don't think it's...
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    80% Humidity!!! Help :(!

    We need some more information to be able to make some suggestions: Why are you worried about the temps in the "late afternoon".. Generally people focus on daytime (lights on) vs night time (lights off). What size enclosure are you using? What are you using to heat it? How are you measuring...
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    80% Humidity!!! Help :(!

    Oh, I agree that ambient conditions will have some effect on the enclosure. However, the point I was trying to make was that you shouldn't need to make a change to the entire house to affect the conditions inside the enclosure. Focus on the enclosure itself (i.e. Add more vents, cover up some...
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    80% Humidity!!! Help :(!

    Hopefully you've gotten the answers you've needed by now, but in case you haven't... - Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. Your viv should be it's own 'microclimate' from the rest of room, so make sure you are taking your measurements INSIDE the enclosure. - Make sure all water is...
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    Breeding crickets

    Nope, they certainly can eat them. About the only rule is that the feeder (roach, crickets, etc) should be smaller than the space between the lizards eyes.
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    Double Enclosure

  15. J

    55 long

    From everything I've read, not really. At least not for an adult. I think 18" wide was the minimum width you want for an adult.
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    Tile Help Please

    I don't know the exact dimensions, but I'd think you'd need some gaps if you are going to be taking them in and out. Also the silicone on the inside edge will prevent them from sitting flush on the bottom (i think).
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    Why does she like this spot sooo much? pics

    Well it looks like it's right under the UVB light. You really want them to have a basking spot that provides UVB and heat (100-110F). WIth the fluorescent tubes, you want them to be able to get within 6-8" of it, so the fact that it's not that warm there is a problem.
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    Tile Substrate

    A hammer will get them out. 8) You could always make a 'false floor' and attach the tiles to that. You'd still run into problems with sealing around the edges of that. I had started down that path, but came to the realization that I would never need to take them out anyway. So far, I...
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    Quantity of Dubias?

    You will probably want to wait at least 4 months before you start feeding the BD the roaches. The more mature adults you start with, the faster the colony will grow, but adults are expensive so you will pay more. Most people will buy a few adult pairs, and then 100-200 large nymphs. It's a...
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    Dubia Molting

    What is the humidity of the bin though? To say you have a water bottle there doesn't really mean the humidity is high enough. I'd check the humidity (if you can) and post back. Also, roaches die occasionally so I wouldn't get too worried about it. :)
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