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    yeahh he definately loves to eat haha
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    i havent been here for awhile but here is my beardie chomper he got alot bigger him 9-28-09 him 1-6-11 Same Rock as Above
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    Put Two Beardies in the Same Tank?

    well at the petstore i got to they breed there own beardies and sell them thats were i got mine. they have a couple of tanks with groups of 3 to 4 beadies they breed and are all fat happy and no fighting occurs in any of his tanks. he even has 2 big males together and they dont fight. i dont...
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    my little beardie is changeing...take a look

    here is how he was when i first got him pale almost white here he is kind of turning yellow.. now look he is getting more and more yellow i love it(that is not his normal basking spot i set that up for pics only) hope you like the pics tell me what you think!!!
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    new pics of chomper he got yellow.........

    yeahh when i got him he looked kinda white with a little yellow now 2 sheds later he is alot more yellow heres a pic
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    new pics of chomper he got yellow.........

    he has alot more yellow now after his last shed i really like it he is producing some nice color now.. what do you guys think??
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    what size megaray?

    wut 55 gallon did u get that is 20" deep???? my 75 is only 18"??
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    Reptaid Discussion check this out
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    poop problem, need input *graphic photo*

    that is weird :shock: never saw anything like that in any reptile ive ever owned. im interested in hearing what people might think it is
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    saline solution for dragon eyes?

    wow no-body knows??
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    how is this light vs the (reptisun 10.0 UVB light) have any of you used them both what are some unbiased views on these two bulbs.
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    saline solution for dragon eyes?

    which saline solution should i use for my beardies eyes?? and were should i get it, i think he got some shed in his right eye thanks.
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    Days away from the Cage(PICS)

    really i wish i could see it haha i would bug the guy and ask to check it out hahah i think they are awsome. and ur beardies look nice aswell
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    please advise...

    hi sorry im late on this. i dont think i should get a bigger cage right now he is in a 75 gallon and he is only 6 - 8 inches long himslef haha he seems to do the same as i bought him but with one eye closed he started opening it more now but still keeps it closed what is recomended to wash...
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    not eating veg

    wait till she is a lil bigger and get some superworms alot better than mealworms. and u could also try dubias. my beardie loves them he wont even think to look at crickets anymore jahaha
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    not eating veg

    cut the veggies up small and mix it with pellets then gradually put more veggies than pellets but allways keep pellets so that she'll eat it and they are good salad topping for them haha so try that and see how it works good luck :D
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    Gaping a sign of overheating?

    she is juss to lazy to go to the other side alot of beardies gape sounds normal
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    Where do you prefer to buy your feeders from?

    ive ordered dubias from 2 sources, the roach guy and the roach ranch . the duias from the roach ranch were far better in size and quantity and health wise juss allaround better specimens. im going to try mullberry farms next heard nuthin but good from them and they sound trustworthy. im getting...
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    please advise...

    really cause i see poeple with flat basking spots all the time isnt it better so he can get heat str8 to his belly to help digest his dubias. and i moved the reptisun 10.0 6 inchs from the basking spot right next to the basking lamp its been one day and his energy has gone up alot he seen the...
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    please advise...

    hecan get 8 inches from it should i make it closer. i use a digital with a probe. do u think it is the new reptisun bulb causing his eye problems i know it is supposed to be the best bulb but u think it could be juss trying to weigh every option here dont be affended by that statement i juss...
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