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  1. USCgrad

    Did a fecal test and...

    ok, some background..As a vet student, i was able to do some fecals (direct smear, two floats and a stain) on my dragons and with my biggest male (houdini) i found some protozoans (not a big deal) but i also found pinworm eggs, no pinworms but about 15 eggs. Most would consider that a moderate...
  2. USCgrad

    YouTube and cohabitation

    Ok, I know it has been discussed in great length but after watching a plethora of YouTube vids, it seems like more then a few hobbyists keep small groups of younger dragons together and groups of female dragons together without much problem. My question is if so many are not having issues why is...
  3. USCgrad

    horn worms as feeders

    i think she likes them
  4. USCgrad

    new digs

    after being on here for a couple months and doing a lot of reading, i think with all the advice and diy blogs heres fuegos new digs, inspired by this site...from the slate floor, to the repti 10 and walmart set up...thanks guys shes super healthy...
  5. USCgrad


  6. USCgrad

    Barking or gagging?

    My beardie seems to want attention, she opens her mouth and seems to bark or gag or something..she seems fine but when she wants to visit she seems to mock bark and makes a squeaking or some subdued noise.. What is she doing?
  7. USCgrad


    new to the forum, just adopted a bearded dragon and like my other creatures, thought it wise to join a forum... :idea: so hi from boise, ID
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