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    Reptile Rescue Train

    hi im in southern cal keep me in mind ill do what ever it takes
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    So how did your beardies get their names?

    diesel got his name when he was just a baby because he just would never stop running no matter what like a diesel truck
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    can bearded dragons eat carrots

    do you know if bearded dragons can eat carrots
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    cool now when diesel gives me the death glare ill know stay away
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    Age vs length...

    adout 3-5 months
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    i was wondering as i was looking at deisel chomping down some salad. I wondered if he had teeth' Does anyone know if they have teeth?
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    sorry if this is gross

    yes its natural nothing to worry about happens to diesel to
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    You know you're living with beardies when...

    you know your living with beardies when theres a lizard taking a shower in the bathroom lol
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    dragon ate plastic..

    thats good i think he will be ok sounds like everything is good
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    new beardies and tons of care questions

    im happy to hear that u decided not to give them back i agree seperate them soon
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    new beardies and tons of care questions

    I promise don<t give them back to me you sound perfect these guys are treated horrible at stores i promise you can do it they love crickets for babies 10 to 20 a day any more Questions please ask ill be here
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    that is good stan if it can turn completly around with no problem its the right size Can he do that?
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    dragon ate plastic..

    bathing is good give him a soak tommorow morning for 5 to 10 min. if that doesnt work a check up should be done
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    Thin beardy wont eat

    good job i hope he pulls through
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