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    Patio Stones

    I don't know if everybody knows this, but I figured it out recently and its a game changer. If youre having trouble arranging your beardies terrarium and setting up an easy to access basking spot, go to your local home depot/lowes or whatever and check out some patio stones. I spent way too...
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    What a difference a few months can make

    Crazy how fast these MFers grow
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    Silicone for background?

    Im not too sure what you mean by tank cling. Most silicone is non toxic so safe to use, but its not really meant to be used as a glue, especially if this tank cling had any weight to it i wouldnt use silicone to attach it. Is it just a background? You could use double sided tape if so
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    Going outside

    I had a roommate a few years ago with a turtle, took it into the backyard one evening to walk around and we never saw it again. Yes, his turtle ran away. He stopped watching it for a couple minutes and it ran away. A turtle. So imagine how far a beardie could go. Just keep an eye on him and...
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    juvenile beardie has a 6th toe kinda loose

    That is odd. But ya as long as the wound is kept clean no issues. Biggest risk would be infection
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    Where to buy Liquid Fenbendazole 10% Dewormer (Canada)?

    Talk to your vet. May be able to get it for you or provide an alternative.
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    Reallyyy stinky poops

    Thats all he really eats for greens. Mostly collard greens and dandelion. Ive been trying to find some others but I'm in a smaller town its hard enough finding some place that sells kale. I think ill grow a few varieties in the garden this summer. I don't feed the crickets anything i buy 1...
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    Don't be so paranoid.

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    Cricket keeping...

    If youre stuck in a country where dubia roaches are illegal like me and you have to use crickets, theres no reason to use a 10 gallon for only 40 crickets. I dont know how old your beardie is but mine eats 50 a day, hes about 5 months old. If youre going to use a 10g buy 250 or 500 and get a...
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    First vet visit!

    Yay thats awesome! Good to hear
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    Reallyyy stinky poops

    So for the last 4 or 5 days my 5 month old has been having some insanely stinky poops. I know all poops stink but these are room clearing. He had been eating the same as always, 50 crickets a day plus bsfl, hornworms and butterworms mixed in here and there, yesterday and today didnt eat much but...
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    Baby bearded color is intense & he's lethargic

    If he was in the enclosure when it moved possibly
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    Low basking area

    Moving the uvb there was a good idea. The t8s arent super strong so putting it within 8" or so of basking spot is perfect. Looks good now
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    Hot glue for ledge

    I personally wouldnt trust it. But I wouldnt trust silicone either. Hot glue is great I probably have hot glue somewhere or other in half my reptile vivs but never to support any weight.
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    Possibly going to be going to a reptile show Sunday april 22

    You can usually get feeders at an expo for half the price your local pet store sells them so stock up is my advice.
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    What size UVB bulb

    Ya the 22" is also a t5. I think im just going to stick with the 22" for now then because the fixture is small and sleek it wont be as hard to position under the screen
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    Rocco has turned out to be a girl! Help with name change?

    My first leopard gecko is still named Jeff. I didnt know at the time that he was female but Jeff stuck anyways. Jeff is now pregnant and he is due to give birth any day now. I get a laugh everyday over this.
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    Are the crickets I’m feeding too big?

    At 4 months a few 1" crickets is not likely to harm him. Just switch to 1/2"-ish or what the pet store may call medium size crickets for now to be on the safe side. If temps are fine he should have no problem digesting a few large crickets. When I first got my beardie at 2 months old he ate a...
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    What are the best substrates?

    But its just not true... I dont know what I can say to convince you so im going to quote someone from another forum that summed this issue up well. "The stories about loose substrate being an impaction risk are mostly linked to two main reasons, either the substrate choice is unsuitable for...
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    What are the best substrates?

    All of the research linking sand to impaction is more than a decade old. Back then we had limited knowledge of vitamin dosing, UVB light, and proper temperatures. But because the impaction myth has been around for so long its been ingrained in the hobby has fact for many people. All of the...
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