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  1. icelore

    Cinnamon Basil ok?

    He was ok, juyst a bit sluggish for a few days. I think the concentration of the oil on this particular type of basil was too much for him in such a large amount. As for having a green thumb - not really! lol I am just big into nutrition for all my animals, and try to make sure they have a...
  2. icelore

    Cinnamon Basil ok?

    Hi guys! Just a quick question... Is cinnamon basil safe for beardies to eat? I let Ridley out in my garden to eat in a patch of greens and herbs I grow. There are a lot of loose leaf veggies there, and I like to give him the choice of what to eat and taste. There are greens like dandelion...
  3. icelore

    Mercury Vapor Bulbs?!

    Hi there! I've been using MVBs for a while now, so maybe I can answer your questions... 1. What's the best type/brand of Mercury Vapor Bulb? Is Powersun good? (It should be reasonably priced) All MVBs are a little more expensive then florescents as far as I know. The best is Mega Ray, they...
  4. icelore

    Help pricing dubias?

    I have looked around online, but only found 2 places that sold in that quantity, and then it was only nymphs, not including breeding adults.
  5. icelore

    Help pricing dubias?

    What do you think would be a reasonable price (not including shipping) for an established breeding colony of 1,000 dubia? What about just 1k mixed nymphs (mostly on the larger side)?
  6. icelore

    Tile Flooring

    I wanted to get new tile for the bottom of my dragon's tank, but I'm curious as to where everyone else is getting theirs cut? Home Depot, Menards and Lowe's don't offer that service, and I don't have a wet saw available to do it myself. Help?
  7. icelore

    My 40g breeder set up.

    Yep, they're in the flooring area. They have some boxes where like 5-10 tiles are bundled, but they also have some singles, and if you ask, they'll open a box and sell them to you piece-meal as well. It took us a while to go through the tiles as a lot of lower quality slate has "corruption"...
  8. icelore

    My 40g breeder set up.

    I got the tiles from Home Depot. They are like $1 a piece, and I used 4. I just put a dish towel over them and hit them with a hammer to break them up, and also used the hammer to blunt any sharp edges. It's a bit of a pain to jigsaw them all together, but I like the look better then plain...
  9. icelore

    Dubia dinner

    I need a bowl like that. Where did you get yours?
  10. icelore

    Replacing Crickets

    That is a really pretty dragon, and an excellent name! I second the above poster's suggestion of roaches. Variety is best, but roaches and crickets are the most common stable feeder insect.
  11. icelore

    Supers / darkling betles

    They are really crunchy, so they're not optimal, but they won't hurt him either. They aren't poisonous or anything. Ridley has gotten a hold of a few that I can never find in his cage once they come out as beetles. They are *very* crunchy and I hear it echoing around in his tank. >.>
  12. icelore

    My 40g breeder set up.

    It's super easy to clean. It's still just slate, so wipes up. Wort thing that can happen if that I have to take a piece out and rinse it. XD
  13. icelore

    He won't eat salad!

    Haha. Well, just because he ate a little, keep on limiting his buggs till you are sure that he's eating *enough* of his salad!
  14. icelore

    Juvenile Beardie Not Eating

    Yes, baby dragons eat a TON. But baby dragons in a new place might not. :) They all have different amount of time to get adjusted before that appetite kicks in! As long as he looks alert and healthy, as long as you are offering him bugs twice daily, then you are doing the right thing. :)...
  15. icelore

    Dove eggs

    No idea if they are safe for beardies, but I fed my dove eggs to my rats hard boiled. They loved them.
  16. icelore

    He won't eat salad!

    IMO, withholding live feeders will not hurt him. It obviously depends on the time frame. If you stop feeding him for two months and he looks like a skeleton...that's a problem. :P I'm not a vet, but the "tough love" was the route suggested to me on this forum over a year ago. I guess it's a...
  17. icelore

    would this be ok to feed to my roaches?

    We could quibble about "high protein," but let's be honest, the word "high" is subjective. I don't know anyone who is advocating a diet so high in protein that uric acid build up is an issue, which is why I stated that I believe it isn't exactly a point of high importance. If you want to post...
  18. icelore

    Rescue Beardie Sudden Death?

    This is correct chemically. Pine and cedar are toxic due to the fact that they are soft wood varieties and release phenols (that great smell!) that commonly cause respiratory issues and can build up in the system over time leading to organ damage. Aspen is a hard wood and is perfectly safe...
  19. icelore


    Misting bearded dragons does absolutely nothing for their hydration as they cannot absorb water through their skin. Being a desert animal, they do not release or take in moisture that way. Misting serves only to raise the humidity in their enclosures, which is a bad things for them. Beardeies...
  20. icelore

    Fingernail polish to prevent scale wear ??? Please HELP.

    While in general nail polish is toxic, there are a lot lot of nontoxic options! You'll want to look for a polish that doesn't contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or formaldehyde, as those are the main offenders that can be absorbed through the skin. Doing a quick google check, I came up...
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