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  1. Mummapinkham

    eddie lizzards first smile

    I like to think it is them smiling also. Harry is so cute when he does it. :D
  2. Mummapinkham

    Toothless the "Day Fury"

    He is too handsome!!! I love seeing the pictures of him!! Hope all is well!! :D
  3. Mummapinkham

    Basil's official photo thread. R.I.P.

    Love the pictures!! Basil is so handsome!!! He seems to enjoy all the picture taking, lol. Love the comics. :D
  4. Mummapinkham

    Basil's official photo thread. R.I.P.

    What a great smile :D Love the colors!! Basil is a beauty!!
  5. Mummapinkham

    Petsmart concern

    Harry eats his supers heads and all and when they nip at him he gets agitated and chomps real hard as if he is teaching them a lesson. Its pretty funny watching him eat. He has never been hurt by them though. I have tried to video tape it, but Harry will NOT eat if the camera is in my hand, LOL
  6. Mummapinkham

    I think Brak has separation anxiety...

    My Harry has separation anxiety. If I put my coat on and walk by his cage he gets all puffy and black beard. :angry5: If I leave to go to the store I have to leave the TV on so he hears noise. He is funny because if I tell him I am leaving for a little while and grab my coat/purse he knows I...
  7. Mummapinkham

    Not the typical brumation behavior?

    I noticed Harry is doing that too in a way. He has been really lazy for days, won't eat, hides, dozes on and off, then boom he is back to normal for a day, then back to being LAZY again. I am starting to think it is just their own individual way of brumating. I hate it and I miss Harry when he...
  8. Mummapinkham

    Viv pics only thread

    Hubby finally finished Harry's viv. Harry seems to like it a lot better now. After seeing the pictures here I wish we could have done more, but if my Harry is happy then Mama is happy.
  9. Mummapinkham

    Nim's Story - More videos and pictures.

    Love the pics.
  10. Mummapinkham

    What is your adult beardies salad?

    I wish Harry was like that :( He HATES anything green and leafy, lol. I have been able to get a few things into him, but it's not easy to do. Glad to hear your Beardie is eating healthy!!
  11. Mummapinkham

    What is your adult beardies salad?

    Harry has actually been eating the escarole quite a bit as long as I throw in a little radicchio with it. I also have been adding a tiny bit of cilantro for flavor and he seems to like this mixture. Lets see how long it lasts. I think he is also at the brumation stage because he is being super...
  12. Mummapinkham

    Nim's Story - More videos and pictures.

    So sorry for your loss. :(
  13. Mummapinkham

    Basil's official photo thread. R.I.P.

    Awesome pictures!! He is adorable!!!
  14. Mummapinkham


    LOL - Ya, that will never work with me. I had a really cool plant my hubby bought me. My neighbor had it for a bit and it grew so nice, then my mother in law had it and it thrived and was huge. I got it back and it died within 2 weeks. I do NOT have a green thumb for anything except spider...
  15. Mummapinkham


    I have never even heard of A&p, lol. I live in the woods so the closest stores to me are Shaws and Hannaford if I want to drive 45 minutes. There is a small store closer I am going to ask them if they can get it. Maybe I will get lucky and they can order it for me.
  16. Mummapinkham


    I want to try the radicchio, but I haven't been able to find it up here. Harry seemed to like it in the spring mix when I bought it and picked at it a little but at $4.00 a bag he doesn't eat it fast enough and it goes bad. I like getting the fresh because it lasts longer and is less expensive.
  17. Mummapinkham


    I know but at least I got him to eat something. I have that printed and refer to it daily, lol. He is very stubborn and even the squash baby food he loves but only if I hand feed him from a spoon. He will not touch it if I put in a bowl or even on his salad. I even tried putting it on the worms...
  18. Mummapinkham


    We will see, lol. He likes to dig and pick at his food. He has even spit food out that he doesn't like!! He is worse than a toddler, :lol:
  19. Mummapinkham

    Never seen this he bathing?

    Harry loves his water bowl and we had to get him a bigger one because he didn't fit. He will relax in his pool every morning before basking and eating. I do take the bowl out at night though just because of the added humidity, but it is the first thing that goes back in in the AM, before my...
  20. Mummapinkham

    Watching TV?

    Sadly I got Harry addicted to General Hospital. That is the one time during the day I actually sit still and he will climb on my leg and watch it with me. He also loves video games.. He will sit forever and watch my son play and if he is in his viv he will contort himself to be able to see the...
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