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  1. crazyerick

    Dragon Sanctuary

    Hi Lara, It is a awesome idea as I still sooooooo many Beadies on classified sites its scary. I am in the process of Building 3 cages to rescue some myself, but I always feel lost as there is so many that need good homes. Keep me posted as this topic is always on my mind. Cheers, Erick
  2. crazyerick

    Tips for 3 level enclosure?

    Hi all, I am keen to build my own enclosure next as I have the handyman skills but I was wondering if anyone has attempted and has tips for building a 3 level enclosure? As in 3 seperate enclosures build in one cabinet. Thanks, Erick
  3. crazyerick

    Humidity...what is the right level???

    I think I read anything from 60% and up is bad. We live in a very humid part of our country and our's hover around the 40-50% mark.
  4. crazyerick

    Odd Cough

    Hi all, Just an update, he hasn't coughed again since the last time. It's our cooler months at the moment so everyone in SA is reporting their Beadies are taking it slow. We have been feeding him some baby food (butternut flavour) mixed with calcium. I also bought some T-Rex bone aid as an...
  5. crazyerick

    Meet Sid

    Just to give an update, Sid is doing well. We very seldom see him eat but with the solid poops around the tank, he must be snacking when we not looking. He was extremely shy in the beginning, to the point where he would just go hide anywhere away from us and fall asleep there. So what I was...
  6. crazyerick

    ReptiSun 5.0 or 10.0?

    They desert reptiles so they require the Reptisun 10.
  7. crazyerick

    Is this the bulb??

    Read this web article - Compacts have a burn in phase and initially can deliver something like 4x the required UV. So instead of having a glass of beer you having a glass of scotch.
  8. crazyerick

    Meet Speedy the Flapneck Chameleon

    Our Dentist breeds them and he was kind enough to let us adopt one of his babies. :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:
  9. crazyerick

    Meet Speedy the Flapneck Chameleon

    Our new buddy that arrived yesterday...
  10. crazyerick

    Odd Cough

    Well he is eating (when he does) and drinking fine. Bulb is 1 month old.
  11. crazyerick

    Odd Cough

    As per the original post: No waterfall, don't mist, he gets a bath at least once a week sometimes two. He does not appear sickly in fact he hasn't coughed since the last time, just lazy, so I just want to be safe. Runs around the flat and has good interaction with us. He is eating mainly...
  12. crazyerick

    Odd Cough

    Hi all, My boy (adult) gave three coughs about 3-4 weeks ago and I was concerned but I thought I will monitor. The other night he coughed twice again so I thought I will ask some advice. Anything I can check/do? It is our winter now here in South Africa so many people reporting theirs is...
  13. crazyerick

    Meet Sid

    Here is some more... He/She is so shy! I come home, it hears me coming in, take one look and bolts to a hiding spot. It also sleeps allot, hope that is ok. Anyone has a little baby? Some advice on getting them to be less shy? I try to pick him/her up once a day like I did with Steve my...
  14. crazyerick

    Meet Sid

    I think Sid is a Uromastyx acanthinurus. No its Steve's food bowl. Sid was in a breeding box briefly inside Steve's Viv while I setup Sid's Viv.
  15. crazyerick

    Compact Flourecent Lighting

    Well I hope it is, as I just got a baby Uromastyx and its little 2ft needs a bit more light and i was going to put a household compact in there as there is very little space left after the Reptisun 10 and Basking spot is in.
  16. crazyerick

    Compact Flourecent Lighting

    That is interesting as I was under the impression the normal household coils/compacts was fine to use as extra light. Is their frequency different to tubes?
  17. crazyerick

    Getting cooling area temps down

    I'm having a similar problem with my new viv but I think its lack of ventilation. I got 95-100 on the basking side and 80-85 on the cool side. I actually lowered my basking temp to try get the cool side down but it didn't help. I am going to drill two more round vents and see if it helps. Might...
  18. crazyerick

    Meet Sid

    Got my baby on Saturday. Man they small and he loves to hide in the strangest of places. Hopefully he will get use to his new tank soon.
  19. crazyerick

    any other uro owners out there?

    I am interested in getting one too. I found this site with some good info:
  20. crazyerick


    Yip, my boy too!
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