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    My first beardie; say hello to Ruby!

    I'd take out the wood chips and put newspaper down until you are able to get something better.
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    Turns his nose up at veggies, salad and even treats !!

    He's adorable :) Mine doesn't seem interested in greens either, but he's still a baby and I've read it's pretty normal. I've tricked him into eating them a few times but he's getting smarter lol I just make sure to give him vitamins 2x's a week and keep offering the greens every day.
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    Variety for my young beardie

    Is keeping the roaches just like keeping crickets? And can i get them small enough to feed a baby? When he does eat crickets its the tiny ones.
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    Variety for my young beardie

    I want to give my baby beardie a variety of food, but he isn't interested in crickets and I don't really want to use mealworms often. He enjoys phoenix worms, and they are easy to keep so I like using them too. I was wondering what other protein foods I could add in. I'm not sure because I...
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    Hello and thanks from a newbie!!

    I have whatever came with the kit, and I am not that impressed with it. I'm basically slowly replacing everything I've gotten with the kit. I was just saying to my boyfriend the other day that we'd definitely have done better just getting the tank and buying everything separate, since we've...
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    Hello and thanks from a newbie!!

    A few weeks ago I stopped by the pet store because I was thinking about getting a bird. I know birds well, and was thinking of getting a new one for a pet. I didn't even make it to that section of the store - I was totally sidelined by the cutest little baby bearded dragon. I ended up talking to...
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