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    Panther Chameleon

    hey guys If anyone is interested in a Blue Bar Ambilobe Panther Chameleon just let me know
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    1st Vet Visit

    Hey guys!! So Godzilla went to the vet! and the vet said that he is pretty strong but a lil bit skinny... He haven't been eating too much lately ...they want to test his poop to check any problem with parasits or whatever but he doesn't look bad his just not eating alot. I'm using the calcium...
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    My beardy havent poop like in two weeks now...he is not eating well but he looks normal... I'm planning to take him to the vet to check him ,but I have never been to the vet are they too expensive?
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    Brumation. . .yet again!

    The temperature is between 100 to 105 in baking spot and about 80 in cold zone... My UVB is reptisun 10 tube
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    Brumation. . .yet again!

    hey guys is 8 to 9 month to early for the first brumation because my beardy is acting just like that eating and sleeping...
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    I have a 20 or 30 gallon tank not sure. the baking spot is 105 cold side is like 80 the uvb i have a reptisun 10.
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    hey guys! I just wanted to know what is brumation? becuase my beardy is about 7 to 8 months now and he is always tired... he go to sleep sooner than what he used to... I used to turn off the lights at 10.30 and now he fall asleep even with the lights on... his eating but he is not eating alot...
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    jajaja thats right! thank you thou!
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    ohh thank you! next morning he ate like a monster lol... I guess hi was ful from the other day!
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    hey guys! my beardie is not eating today he was doing really fine! is just today that he dont wants to eat at all... he looks kind of tired too...can somebody help me
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    substitute for crickets?

    hey guys! I'm looking for a substitute for crickets. I dont realy like to keep crickets becuase they smell and they die realy easy... i think i'm wasting my money with crickets... I'm not sure if you can change cricket for something else like worms or something? thanks for all your help! sandro
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    Problems with crickets

    hey guys! i've been buying crickets from ghann's farm for a month now, i brought 1000 crickets like 2 weeks ago and i only have like 30 now... my beardie have been eating like 50 to 60 everyday...many of them have die... i don't know what i'm doing wrong. can somebody tell me how to maintain a...
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    calci-worms-phoenix worms from petco

    do the calci-worms from pet-co the same has the phoenix worms? are they good? becuase they look a like!
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    Help with Crestie...

    :?: hey guys! I've been doing alot of research lately about geckos, becuase I'm thinking about getting one in the future. The one i like the most was the crested! I read that a 20 gallon even a 10 gallon is good for them and that the basking spot it have to be around 85f max. I would like to...
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    thank you realy much! What different sizes they sale? of hornworms becuase i know that the phoenix come in small size and med sizes?
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    hey guys! I was wondering which worms are better? hornworms or the phoenix worms? SANDRO
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    My Beardie Not Eating

    thank you realy much! he has been eating normal today!
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    My Beardie Not Eating

    hi guys! I'm a little worry about my beardie becuase yesterday he didn't eat at all he had his stomach full so I though is was because he didn't poop. and today he poop and ate about 13 crickets and some veggies. but he normaly eats more... when i drop the crix inside the viv he just look at...
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    Where can I order bulk?

    do the cricket get a live?
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    Hi guys! I woke up this morning becuase my beardie Godzilla was scratching with one of the branches that i have in his viv. When I got close i noticed that he has started to shed in his legs. I didn't get worry at all becuase i know this is normal. but i wanted to know if the sheeding takes a...
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