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  1. Dragoon

    Photo thread of Blaze

    Blaze has gotten so big already, holy cow!
  2. Dragoon

    Trouble pooping & throw up?

    Hi, although I mist him with a squirt bottle daily, I don't give him as many baths as I should be (I give him a bath around once or twice per month). I would guess he is dehydrated, I'll start bathing him more frequently. Thanks for your response :)
  3. Dragoon

    Trouble pooping & throw up?

    Hi, I haven't posted here for a while, mainly because my beardie, Ollie, has been doing really good. But today, I saw him squirming in his tank like he was trying to poop, and his tail was lifted up, but nothing came out. I just thought he could be a little bit constipated so I put him in the...
  4. Dragoon

    Ganta's official photo thread! Rip!

    Looking good! :D
  5. Dragoon

    Leftover poop or something worse?

    Thank you for the reply. :D
  6. Dragoon

    Basil's official photo thread. R.I.P.

    Hi reptilemaster, I'm sorry I haven't been around lately to stay up to date with you and Basil. I'm sorry I didn't check my PMs to see your message about him. When I heard the news and looked through all 18 pages of pictures, tears came to my eyes. You gave Basil an amazing and loving life, and...
  7. Dragoon

    Leftover poop or something worse?

    Hi guys, My old man beardie, Ollie, pooped yesterday, and some stuff was left over (didn't push it all the way out?) I have linked the album of photos. Not sure if it's just some leftover poop or something worse (I've heard stories of prolapses, but I've also looked at some photos of them and...
  8. Dragoon

    Basil's official photo thread. R.I.P.

    It's been fun watching Basil grow up to a big beardie! Happy birthday! :D
  9. Dragoon

    Left arm scale discoloration / darkening

    Hi all, I have had Ollie for over 6 years and he has recently been showing some signs of MBD. I took him to the vet and they are asking for an absurd amount of money just to do x-rays and blood tests (not even for treatment). I have bought him a new UV light, as well as added more calcium and...
  10. Dragoon

    Shedding baby

    CooperDragon is right, different parts shed at different rates. I wouldn't suggest pulling off shedding skin, if it is not ready to come off it could cause discoloring. Try using this guide on caring for your dragon while he sheds. It is helpful for beginners. Good luck! :) >...
  11. Dragoon

    Swallowing waxworms

    Hi, Ollie is 6 years old now, and the waxworms were not necessarily small. I usually feed him around 12, once at a time.
  12. Dragoon

    Swallowing waxworms

    Hello, Ollie swallowed about 5 waxworms tonight out of around 13. He'll stick his tongue out and then just won't chew it, which leads me to believe that he is swallowing them. After he 'swallows' them, his sides go in and out rather heavily. I guess this is because he is swallowing them, but...
  13. Dragoon

    Sides Twitching/Spasming

    Hi, I noticed Ollie's sides are twitching, kind of like he has the hiccups. There's slight discoloration along his back -- Just checked on him and he was pushing his eyes outwards trying to shed the skin that's near his eyes. His back is still a bit discolored but I assume it will go back to...
  14. Dragoon

    Discoloration in Tail

    Hey all, Today I noticed some discoloration of my beardie's tail (His name is Ollie). I am 99% sure this isn't shedding, and could use some help with figuring out what is causing this. It's almost as if a couple of scales on Ollie's tail have lost their pigment.
  15. Dragoon


    Hi and welcome! :wave: We love pictures, you know!
  16. Dragoon

    Ollie's Thread

    Hi everyone. It's been quite awhile since I've ventured into, so to start again, I've decided to make a post to share Ollie's photos again. The old thread I had was locked so I can't post there, so here you go! The first picture I took of Ollie, only a few weeks old...
  17. Dragoon

    Basil's official photo thread. R.I.P.

    Basil has grown up to be a beautiful dragon. I love the second to last photo in the grass.
  18. Dragoon

    Basil's official photo thread. R.I.P.

    Glad to see Basil is doing well. He has gotten so big!
  19. Dragoon

    Ollie's nail fell off.

    Hi guys, I was holding Ollie today when I noticed him fidgeting his leg around. I took a closer look and realized his nail had completely fallen off! It was the nail of the toe that has been having problems for over a year now, but hasn't seemed to affect him ever. We took him over the summer...
  20. Dragoon

    How do bearded dragons like their worms?

    I feed Ollie live waxworms and crickets. They're not frozen either, just cold. I will try letting them get warmer though.
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