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  1. onceblue

    The Adventures of Falkor the Great!

    Thank you so much! Their eyesight always amazes me too, and I'm still surprised by how alert dragons can be. They always seem so tuned into everything that's going on! I'm glad to hear that Pogo ate four worms! Even though it's not many, it's definitely better than not eating any at all. I...
  2. onceblue

    Hi! New beardie owner

  3. onceblue

    The Adventures of Falkor the Great!

    I agree, haha, Falkor doesn't seem "normal" to me, either — he's too packed with personality! The silkie was very pretty though :) I've been so busy! I work in IT and we had a major issue last week so I worked a couple of 15 hour days. My husband took good care of Falkor while I was so busy...
  4. onceblue

    New T5 light and Exo Terra 100 watt bulb

    He may not be warm enough, but the best way to tell is by measuring the temperature with either a digital thermometer with a probe directly on the basking spot or a temperature gun.
  5. onceblue

    Not a morning beardie

    My beardie hates mornings. Some mornings he can take a good hour or so to actually get around to basking because he likes to sleep in so much. I was worried about it at first, but he still eats well, grows, and has plenty of energy — after he's had time to grump about having to wake up. :)...
  6. onceblue

    Scratching at Night

    My beardie does this at night. I cut some fleece scraps and put them in his favorite sleeping spot, so now he burrows underneath those at bed time. Maybe give that a try? You can put them in his cave for him to dig into at night.
  7. onceblue

    Newby owners with feeding questions

    The roaches can be a staple so they can completely replace crickets. You can put them in a 20 gal no problem but once they really start breeding quickly you may need to upgrade them. I keep mine in a rubbermaid bin and I put a strip of clear packing tape around the top just in case any of the...
  8. onceblue

    Newby owners with feeding questions

    Have you considered switching to dubia roaches? They are a LOT easier to manage. They don't jump like crickets, they don't grow as fast, they don't stink, and they can't climb very well. It's a lot easier to dust them in my opinion. You can order them online in bulk and you don't have to worry...
  9. onceblue

    Looking for a new terrarium

    A lot of people build their own enclosures. I considered doing this but I'm really not handy at all and I had some specific ideas in mind that I knew I wouldn't be able to do on my own, so in the end I decided to have a custom built for me. If you're interested, there are some vendors out...
  10. onceblue

    Sick dragon but all tests normal

    I'm so sorry about the mass. I hope the surgery goes well for your beardie.
  11. onceblue

    Beardie Habits

    My beardie hates mornings, too. If I tuck him in a blanket at night, he'll burrow completely underneath it when the lights come on to try and get a little more sleep before he warms up. And if he ever gets woken up before lights on, I get glared at, haha. He also likes to warm up slowly, working...
  12. onceblue

    prayers for our beardie

    I'm very sorry for your loss.
  13. onceblue

    The Adventures of Falkor the Great!

    Oh — I meant to post about this but I forgot. I went to a reptile expo this weekend and met a silkie in person for the first time. I've always thought that silkies look like they'd be weird (i.e. creepy) to pet but she was VERY soft and also incredibly docile, even though I was holding her in a...
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    Great pics :)
  15. onceblue

    Another Yellow Fungus Case

    Hello - I am sorry to hear about your beardies. Voriconazole seems to be the best antifungal for CANV from the research I did, so it's good that The Waitress is starting it soon (love the name by the way). As Tracie mentioned, there are some threads out there about overcoming YF. My vet in...
  16. onceblue

    Digital power strip

    I use the Zilla 24/7 Digital Timer Power Strip. I bought it because the non-digital one I had was driving me crazy with how difficult it was to get the time accurate. I've had no problems with the digital one — except setting it up, even with the directions, wasn't all that intuitive, so I had...
  17. onceblue

    The Adventures of Falkor the Great!

    Hello! This is Falkor's main thread - thank you for checking it out! He IS big lol and his poops are huge for his size (at least, that's the way it seems to me when I have to clean them up!) so I was not all that happy about the poop on the bed. BUT usually he poops in the same spot in his...
  18. onceblue

    RIP Sweet Pogo; Welcome Home Happy Go LUCKY

    Sorry for the delayed reply! Falkor was around 7-8 inches when I started him on hornworms. They DO get big very fast, that's absolutely true, but you have more leeway with feeding the big ones because they are soft-bodied so they don't carry the same risk of impaction like hard-bodied feeders...
  19. onceblue

    Housing a bearded dragon with another animal?

    I don't think it's dumb for you to feel that way - but at the same time, I think it's important to keep in mind that bearded dragons aren't like us. They don't really get lonely and actually prefer being solitary. Their emotions aren't as developed as us and as such they don't really feel things...
  20. onceblue

    Nathaniel, Cierra, Castiel, Freya, Grrl; RIP GABRIEL

    I'm glad he turned up!
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