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  1. CarlosEFF

    beardies for sale

    why is it not many breeder sites have beardies up for sale? Is the season coming to an end?
  2. CarlosEFF

    Color Changing

    usually they turn dark to absorb heat, I've had the same problem my dragon gets really dark and I have no idea why? I took him to the vet and the vet said don't worry about it
  3. CarlosEFF


    they both sound perfect and I was hoping it had the tube electrical. I appreciate it.
  4. CarlosEFF

    What should I do?

    you can just run a regular house bulb until it comes in. your beardie will be fine and will actually give your dragons eye a rest from the MVB bulb. I also wouldn't recommend getting another MVB bulb if it's hurting his eyes. If you look at the box it says "don't look directly at light" and as...
  5. CarlosEFF


    Have a homemade viv for sale in So California? I'm intrested in buying a new viv asap
  6. CarlosEFF


    Have a homemade viv for sale in So California? I'm intrested in buying a new viv asap
  7. CarlosEFF

    beardie not pooping since brumation

    I recently went to a local reptile vet and he said it's normal for beardies to go everyday if they go once a week even once every 2 weeks to not worry.
  8. CarlosEFF

    Does anyone

    I'm in Oxnard Ca. Can you please send me pics? I'm very interested.
  9. CarlosEFF

    Does anyone

    build homemade viv's and sell them?
  10. CarlosEFF

    New viv UPDATE

    dang, do you build and sell? lol
  11. CarlosEFF

    cock roaches?

    the roach guy is the most helpful person when it comes to roaches! also has great customer service and great prices
  12. CarlosEFF


    Same thing happened to me, and my T-rex bulb i ordered was defected and said I had to go through T-rex and they couldn't refund me. They are horrible and even a worker told me I'm sorry we can't refund you the owner is just in this business to make money.
  13. CarlosEFF

    Nightlight went out

    Yea, a ceramic heater is a great investment. A perfect way to keep your dragon nice and warm, I'm currently using one and my beardie loves to sleep on the side I have it on
  14. CarlosEFF

    Can your dragon levitate?

    haha 8) 8) 8)
  15. CarlosEFF

    Clips of Sage running really fast.

    hahahahaha I got a kick out of this
  16. CarlosEFF

    Nightlight went out

    I hate when I post things and I have views but no one responds. I can't answer this sorry
  17. CarlosEFF

    VERY dark, little to no stress marks?

    Cool side: 81.2 Basking: 106 exactly and those are exact readings as of right now. and I use a heat gun and check 2 inc. from the spot I'm checking
  18. CarlosEFF

    VERY dark, little to no stress marks?

    My dragon is always very dark but is rarely stressed, any ideas what it could be? Usually what he looks like in his tank True colors:
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