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    pics of the new beardie.

    She's adorable and I hope you have a lot of fun with her!
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    pics of the new beardie.

    She's beautiful! Sorry I'm no good with names either :S Ember? haha it's all I can think of.
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    UVB bulb question?

    THank you for replying. But where can I buy it?
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    UVB bulb question?

    Right now, I bought my bearded dragon off kijiji and I've been improving the lighting. First, I changed his red heat bulb to a white one but now I need to replace his UVB bulb. The previous owner was using a coil UVB bulb. I don't know the exact brand or anything but I've heard that the good...
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    Can supers be a staple?

    I've heard different things. They are pretty cheap and the crickets are becoming a hassel. Are superworms an apropriate staple? Walter is 18'' now so he's big enough to eat them. If so,should I dust them every day? How should I gutload them? and how many do you think he would eat in a day? Thanks!
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    Mika, Kira and the big bro Lagu!

    lol at the third pic. Splat :) She's really cute.
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    A healing princess...

    awww so sweet :')
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    Whats your bearded dragon's favorite food?

    Walter like blueberries, superworms and butternut squash the best. He also really enjoys hornworms though.
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    Horn worms?

    I'm looking into getting phoenix worms as a staple but I woulod have to order them online. There is a good place near me that sells a bunch of feeders and they sell hornworms. They sell silkworms too but they are really hard to are for and I don't want all that trouble. There are some things...
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    Tile, Reptile Carpet or something else?

    I think tile is better then carpet but tile can get a little expensive if you ever need to replace it and I would think it would be hard to install. I use non-adhesive shelf liner. No risk of impaction, easy to clean and cheap and easy. You can wipe up any spills with a paper towel and every...
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    Where does your beardie spend most of it's time?

    Thanks everyone. I'm pretty sre the temps are right. Oh well. He is eating fine and acts normal other than that :)
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    Where does your beardie spend most of it's time?

    I recently switched my substrate from sand to shelf liner. When he was on sand he used to bask almost all the time. Now that he is on the shelf liner he spends most of his time on the ground. After he eats he'll bask for an hour or so but then he'll go back onto the ground. is this normal and...
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    black beard

    Yes. Beardies will usually only puff their beard out when they feel threatened so you have nothing to worry about.
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    Yoshi's Hockey Sweater

    That is so adorable! You'd have to make a Toronto Maple Leafs one though. That's the only team me and Walter will ever cheer for! :D
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    questions about worms

    The best worms are phoenix/repti worms or silkworms. But variety is key. Use a combonation of both of those and occasionally add in some superworms (when they are a little bigger), hornworms, butter worms and sometimes waxworms. You may even want to feed some crickets every once and a while just...
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    what to feed crickets before feeding to your dragon.

    You can feed them practiacally anything. Try feeding them some of the greens and veggies that your beardie eats. Some people choose to buy gutload from petstores that come in cubes or gel but you really don't need to. For extra protien you can use crushed cat or dog food. And you should also...
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    Where can I order phoeninx/repti worms online?

    Ummm Ièm 13 and I think I just accidentaly ordered 200 phoenix worms without asking my dad first. How do you know when you sent the order. And I donèt even know how much they cost! OMG Help please!
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    Where can I order phoeninx/repti worms online?

    I really want to stop feeding crickets and switch to phoenix/repti worms as a staple protien because the crickets are such a hassel. I found a pretty good site but I live in Canada and it said it couldn't ship to individual eople in Canada, only petstores or other companies. I considered...
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    How to care for phoenix worms?

    I'm going to be ordering 400 phoenix worms online and I've never used them before. How should I keep them like what should I use as a substrate or should I just leave them in what they come in. Do they eat anything or do they have a special diet like silk worms. Any help would be appreciated...
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    My beardie tries to eat the fake plants?

    Yesterday I bought a fake plant with a suction cup to put in Walter's tank so that it would look nicer. When I lowered it in, he ran off his basking spot and went to bite it. I took it out but even as it passed the glass on the out side he tried to bite it. Is it possible that having it in there...
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