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    Silkworm Care- Ordering from Mulberrry-HELP!

    how do you make this chow
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    please help cant explain how urgant

    my eggs where layed last night around 1 o clock and were at seventy degrees on sand for a little time will they live there in the incybator right now for about 15 minents
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    egg bound

    not a vet becuse i pretty sure shes not and i need to think she is before i go and she eating and there fertile
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    egg bound

    im not sure but i think my girl might be eggbound
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    I wanna teach him to ride on the little skate board

    ge means jump on the skate board :mrgreen: :lol:
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    how far along is she pic heavy

    long time ago but hear they retain sperm
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    how far along is she pic heavy

    on a scale of one to ten one being just mated ten being laying im so excited i have everything ready :blob5: :mrgreen:
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    that was smooth thanks
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    time from digging to laying

    my girl is about to lay and i need to know a little so how far from digging to layingg
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    4x2x2 custom built couple questions about decor

    still looking good im glad your little guys happy
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    What Determines the Price?

    supply and demand if you just want any beardie it is very cheap because of high supply but if you wanted a fire breathing one and there was only one in the world iit would be insane how much money you would spend
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    baby tub
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    fake rock pics

    how do you add moss
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    im going to set up a roach colony, please help

    there a colony species separating might cause less breeding
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    pic and dimensions on beardie racks please
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    fake rock pics

    i would like to see some of your fake rock build mine is almost done and i will be posting pics soon
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    4x2x2 custom built couple questions about decor

    ground do cheap tile hammacks are awsome mine love them good light dome i recommend doing fake rock looks way cooler and custim
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    your an angel :D
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    What To Do???

    deemac he doesn't care i think you railed on him hard enough he knows it probably for future reference. but dude he right not yet be ready.
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    Where is the best place to get live dragon food

    it sounds like that was a commercial :lol:
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