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  1. Lennifer

    dragon valley ranch?

    Wow. I must reply & say that I only currently have one bearded dragon but I purchased him from Valley Dragons & had nothing but a great experience:) The customer service was wonderful! Even after my beardie arrived, I still had questions & Jamie was always there to answer & help me out! She...
  2. Lennifer

    Blood? Odd redbrown smudge... Also breathing problem?

    Lol! My thoughts exactly! Hmm. I would try to take a poo sample & drop it off for testing if possible, just to be on the safe side. Maybe call the vet & see how fresh it actually needs to be. It may be ok if it's only a few hours old. I had Drago's tested before & the vet told me that if he...
  3. Lennifer

    Fitting all the lights on a 30 GL tank?

    Yup! U can use a regular house hold bulb...just be sure the temps are accurate, just like with a reptile basking light :wink: Glad u got the 20 long! I can immagine how excited u must be...especially if this is your first beardie! I am almost ready to get my 2nd one. I have everything I need...
  4. Lennifer

    how do you get the correct temps with an MVB

    oooh, thanks for letting me know cuz i think I have the mesh kind:( lol I'll go pick up one of the metal ones. Thanks again! ~Sandy
  5. Lennifer

    how do you get the correct temps with an MVB

    Hey, thanks so much!! I am going to order one & give it a try :wink: ~Sandy
  6. Lennifer

    how do you get the correct temps with an MVB

    Really? I was just concerned that it may be too hot of a basking spot if I just layed it on top of the screen. Maybe I just need to find a diff basking item instead of the branch thingy he has. It's kind of maybe if I find a lower basking item it will work for me to lay it on the...
  7. Lennifer

    how do you get the correct temps with an MVB

    Thanks Dawn! I really want to change his lighting to the MVB but I'm afraid I will need to remove the screen & have it be an open top enclosure, to be able to acheive proper temps. I am terrified of him getting loose & not being able to find him. We have them old heaters that go around the floor...
  8. Lennifer

    Fitting all the lights on a 30 GL tank?

    Welcome to the forums :wave: To do the lighting...u can just purchase a screen top for your enclosure & place the lights on top of the screen. I'm sorry to say but a 10 gallon tank would be way to small to be able to achieve the proper temps. I would suggest atleast a 20 gallon long...
  9. Lennifer

    how do you get the correct temps with an MVB big are your enclosures? Just curious because I really want to start using the MVB bulbs but Drago is only in a 40 gallon breeder. I have been advised that a 40 gallon breeder is the minimum size to be able to use a MVB & that if I get the 100 will need to be 12 inches...
  10. Lennifer

    Blood? Odd redbrown smudge... Also breathing problem?

    Sorry to hear that u are having some problems with your beardie:( If u could please answer the folowing questions, it may help us identify any issues. How old is your beardie? How long have u had him/her for? What size enclosure? What kind of substrate? What kind of UVB light do u provide? Is...
  11. Lennifer

    Clipping Toe nails?

    U can clip their nails with regular nail clippers. Just be sure to only clip/cut the very tip so that u don't cut the vein/quick. I use tiles in my beardie's enclosure & it keeps his nails nice & trim so I have never needed to use the clippers! lol! ~Sandy
  12. Lennifer

    Steve won't eat his veggie!

    I would suggest offering him a morning salad with only greens/veggies (no worms). After a few hours, then offer him the live feeders. If u are putting the worms in with his salad...he is only interested in having the yummy worms! lol! By the time he eats the worms, he may be full or not...
  13. Lennifer

    My Reptar wont eat/poop !!

    Hey that's great that u purchased a good temp reader & that the temps are now accurate! Hopefully the enclosure temps will help with his appetite! If after a couple days...he is still not eating the live feeders, then I would recomend taking a poo sample in to the vet to check for any parasites...
  14. Lennifer

    Grimlock won't eat his Live Food

    I would highly recomend ditching the ReptiGlo light u are using to provide UVB. The best recomended UVB lights are the long tube lights (not coils) of either the ReptiSun10 or the ReptiGlo 8! All others have been known to cause serious issues. :( ~Sandy
  15. Lennifer

    calcium dusting

    I thought it depended on which kind of lighting u use (standard method or Murcury Vapor Bulb) plus what kind of Vitamins u provide (as some already include Vit D3), to determine if u should be using calcium with D3 or without? ~Sandy
  16. Lennifer


    I am not sure of where to actually purchase stackable enclosures, unless u want to order on the net & it can be pretty pricey. If u are looking to stack 3-4 enclosures...a beardie condo would be perfect for u & would probably save u lots of money! lol! Here is a bit of info on them from another...
  17. Lennifer

    My Reptar wont eat/poop !!

    I agree about those stick on therms! They can be off by as much as 20 degrees. I would suggest purchasing a digital therm with a probe on the end or purchasing a temp gun. Once u figure out what your temps really are...that could help identify if that is an issue or if u even need that second...
  18. Lennifer

    Grimlock won't eat his Live Food

    How old is your beardie? That's kind of weird that he/she is eating the greens/veggies but not the live food. Hmm? Silly beadie's! lol! Is he going poo regularly? ~Sandy
  19. Lennifer


    Glad we could help :wink: The UVB is extremely important for proper growth so I would suggest trying to purchase the ReptiSun 10 asap. U said u don't have a valid credit card? Do u have a bank atm card? U can use this like a credit card as well. Or have u ever seen those visa gift cards in the...
  20. Lennifer

    Here is a pic of the new enclosure not fully set up at all

    Congrats on your new addition! Are u housing them together permanently or just for a bit so they can breed? If you plan on housing them together, it could turn out fatal as Bearded Dragons are solitary creatures. Eventually, one beardie may become the dominant one & not allow the other to...
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