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    Bringing a beardie to school...

    Oh nice :lol:
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    Bringing a beardie to school...

    Hi I was just thinking about you bringing your Beardie to school and what if you could set up a small tank in a science teachers classroom. So when you can't have him with you he can be in a tank or tub with a heat lamp. It's just an idea that I came up with. Hope it helps and that's a really...
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    Help Please!

    Thats one of my favorite pictures of him, lol. Also i dont have any of his tail currently i will get one tomorrow because its bath day. His ligh schedules havnt changed since the day i got him. Ill try the cricket trick but with supper worms. I think hes gotten bored with crickets as thats all...
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    Help Please!

    Ok thanks for your help i can now sleep a little easier. Also do you think the surgery could cause him to go into an early Burmutation? And here's a pic of my boy Ace in the bath last week. He doesn't really like baths as you can tell my his black beard.
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    Help Please!

    Hi, yes he was eating and acting fine before the surgery. He has only lost a little bit of weight but nothing i thought i should be concerned of. We layed him off the rapshberries if that has any effect on weight. And he was looked at by 2 different vets each at a different practice. They both...
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    Help Please!

    I dont post much but i really need help with time. I have a male bearded dragon that i adopted about a year ago. The previous owners said he was about 5 so now hes should be about 6. My dad and I think he is older just by the way he is slowing down and thats whats concerning us. He had about...
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    Possible Tail Problem!

    Im no expert but looks good to me! He's also a very nice looking beardie!
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    Possible Tail Problem!

    Do you have any pictures?
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    Blue Eyes!!!

    His blue eyes are awesome! Also, he seems to be a very photogenic beardie! Those are some really nice pictures! :D
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    Advice on buying a bearded dragon

    My first and only beardie was a rescue from Craigslist and he is amazing. I agree get him vet checked right away. You dont want to wait and have something go horribly wrong that will take a lot of time and money to fix. Please keep us updated on what you decide.
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    Convincing parents to let me get a bearded dragon

    I was in the same boat before. Show them all the research you did. After they have looked at what you researched tell them to ask you questions. If you can answer the questions they ask it is a good thing that will help everyone. It shows you know what you are getting into. Also what I did was...
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    Dragon bites....

    I agree with you Quelaag! He was a great man and inspired many people to love animals.
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    Bamboo Root Jungle Gym

    It look greats and not too crowded. Also since she's still younge and small she must love all the things to climb on.
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    should i get another?

    Congrats! And yes pics please!!
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    should i get another?

    I think you should get another one. As someone before said that him licking the water conditioner could have killed him. So it wasn't something more in your control (temp, lighting, feeding, etc.) that killed him, it was an accident. You could always wait until you find what you are looking for...
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    Harley's new digs...start to (almost) finish

    That looks AMAZING!! I wish i could make something like that. I also really like how you went with the aboriginal paint designed. It was a very nice touch. :D
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    What are you folks using for food bowls? Is mine too deep?

    Sorry for changing ghe subject but you should really take him/her to the vet. I had gotten my bearded from someone and he had a black tail. I waited to take him to the vet. $500 later he as almost 75% of his tail gone. All because the previous owners said it was no big deal and i waited. So i...
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    Recognition questions

    :lol: thats a cute story about your litlle Rin. I adopted Ace as an adult, 5 years old, but i only adopted him last August. I dont think he likes baths cuz he had a bad experience with his old owners. Also i think im going to read your blog? On Rin.
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    Recognition questions

    I've heard that beardies will recognize thier owners. Also from personal experience with my little guy Ace, he knows his name. Whenever someome says his name he will look at them and tilt his head. Its pretty funny. He also knows when I say you wanna bath or we walk out of the room his tank is...
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    Incomplete Shed

    Ok thx I'll try that
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