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    Do what you're doing, cover a small portion with tile, he will slowly warm up to it. If it is slate tile, it will help keep his nails filed down, that is, when he starts actually walking on it :)
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    Started the New Viv Today!

    Hate to crash your cheap viv, but pine is actually dangerous for beardies. It has chemicals that are released when heated up, which leads to respiratory problems. I would recommend going up to Lowes or Home Depot and getting some oak or birch.
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    Couple of questions for BD newbie

    That will be plenty big enough for an adult. The divider is great, and like you said it is a good idea to move it as he/she grows. I use a standard flood light for my viv, just test different wattages, and find what works best for your viv. I would go with plexiglass, it's easier to work with...
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    If you can find something outside that you like, soak it in a bleach solution over-night, then rinse it thoroughly. Once it is dry, bake it in your oven at about 200* for 30 minutes. Once it is cool, it is good to go!
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    Started the New Viv Today!

    Good luck on the project! May I ask what kind of plywood you are using?
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    Considering a local rescue

    There are a couple things that may pose a challange for a while. If they are being kept in unsanitary conditions, there is a possibility of parasites. If they have not had proper lighting, there is also the possibility of MBD. Depending on how they were handled/taken care of, there is also the...
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    Looking for a rescue

    My first reptile and first beardie passed away a couple of months ago at the good old age of 12. I purchased her at PetsMart when I was just a kid, not knowing anything about beardies. Now that I have a spot open, I'm looking to help a beardie that is in need of a good home. I am in the...
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    Reptisun question and heat question :)

    I would suggest changing the times you have the lights on then. She really does need the light for digestion, not just heat.
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    Any one use this light?

    I don't know a ton about UVB output stuff, I just know Reptisun 10.0 is the best. Honestly though, I've learned that if it's the guy at the store telling me something, it's probably because he wants to sell it, not because it's the best product.
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    Reptisun question and heat question :)

    You should only need a CHE if temps drop below 65 degrees at night.
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    Beardie Paradise

    That looks great. Are you able to keep the temps right with it being open like that?
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    Reptisun question and heat question :)

    You can go pick up a cheap florescent desk fixture from Lowe's or Home Depot and it will get the job done. While you're there, pick up a WHITE halogen spot light bulb and replace the colored one. Don't leave the heat light on at night. It disrupts sleeping patterns, which does not allow proper...
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    Enclosure Questions and Breeder Question

    I would strongly recommend not buying a production viv. You can build yourself a nice 4x2x2 viv for about the same price as that 20 gallon, which is too small to begin with.
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    Plants in viv?

    Most people don't recommend live plants because they will increase the humidity in the viv to high levels.
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    Another light question please help

    The Repti-Glo does not put off a sufficient amount of UVB. The ReptiSUN does. Night time temps should be cooler than day time temps, to allow thermo-regulation. 75 is a little cool, it should be closer to 85. 109 is too hot, it should be closer to 98-100. I would recommend a bulb instead of the...
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    Rescue wont eat anything

    She's eating consistently on her own now. Not a lot at a time, but she's still eating on her own. She's also moving around a lot more now. But, she defecated for the first time the other day and she definitely has some kind of parasite. I'm trying to get a vet visit scheduled for sometime soon.
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    Aluminum Foil?

    Yes they do. I just through a regular towel in the viv's for mine.
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    Some Lighting Help Please... =)

    Sorry, but it most definitely is. I have seen way too many dragons torn apart from being housed together. Territorial dominance will also result in one dragon not getting enough food, basking time, ect.
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    Climbing Branches from your yard, DIY Hammock, Etc?

    Rocks are the same, you should bake them. If you have a large bucket, you could soak them in a 10-15% bleach solution for 24-48 hours. I have no idea if freezing works
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    Some Lighting Help Please... =)

    First of all, you need to separate the beardies immediately. They should not be housed together. Second, I would strongly recommend changing your UVB to the ReptiSUN 10.0, not the Reptiglo. You do need a basking light. The cool side of the viv should be around 85* and the basking side should...
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