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    Brumating beardie and mice in the house. How worried should I be?

    If you are worried about your dragons, then make such conditions for them so that you are not nervous. I think this is quite logical. In general, everyone who has animals at home can call themselves saviors. I recently looked into animal testing, found...
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    Bearded dragon genetics (for someone experienced in biology)?

    hard to find information about
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    Beardies in College

    Parents can be understood on the one hand.
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    Physics of why to use metallic (surface) reflectors for UV

    That's so interesting research, I've never even think about such details
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    Reference books recommended for Bearded Dragon keepers

    A Guide to Australian Dragons in Captivity by Dr. Danny Brown thanks for this
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    🔴BEARDED DRAGON SURVEY 🔴 help needed! :)

    What about results?
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    🔴BEARDED DRAGON SURVEY 🔴 help needed! :)

    It would be interesting to see the results of your survey!
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    🔴BEARDED DRAGON SURVEY 🔴 help needed! :)

    Idk if you still need it but I've done your survey. I hope you'll succeed in your education. I'm a second-year student of a similar science and sometimes it's a little hard to study. But when I have some problems with it, I use this source with the tips for coursework. Wish you luck!
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    First ever Beardie

    So beautiful beardie! I'm a newbie too, welcome
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