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  1. citrusdragon

    Citrus Hypo Trans Babies

    We hatched a fantastic clutch of babies the last month. They are pure citrus hypo trans. Getting a drink from the droplets of sprayed water. The look like little ghost dragons. Available in October. Thanks for looking Jeff Crider
  2. citrusdragon

    boy or girl?! WITH PICTURES!

    Yes the 2 bulges on the side of the tail are... BOY :blob5: :blob5: :blob5: :blob5: Jeff
  3. citrusdragon

    boy or girl?! WITH PICTURES!

    Not the best pics to tell, but looks all male to me. Jeff Crider
  4. citrusdragon

    Thinking of breeding??

    Excellent thread Tom. I am wondering how many people who have read this post, and the many others like it, only to find themselves in over their head. The cricket shortage/roach surge in price will be the unforeseen market variable to many who thought they had this figured out. To add in the...
  5. citrusdragon

    Culling and Ethics

    My experience says the inferior don't make it past the first 8 weeks anyway. If they require special care to reach that point, it generally doesn't get better further down the line. I think there are some morphs that are more prone to dehydration (trans and leather) which appears to me to be...
  6. citrusdragon

    Female Won't lay eggs

    Some take longer to lay even when they are digging, just be prepared. I had one digging frantically for a week then I put her in the lay cage, and it still took her a week to get it done. Jeff
  7. citrusdragon

    what incubator does everyone use

    Got to make sure there is enough room for ALL the eggs :D Jeff
  8. citrusdragon

    High End Dragons?

    lol, I had one of Apollo's son's Yeti. Very cool looking, but the white dragons are most people's favorite until they have one for a while. The novelty wears off quickly. I consider the neon citrus trans right up there with true red hypos to be the most eye catching. You don't see many of...
  9. citrusdragon

    Costs associated with breeding

    lol, it can be a money pit to be sure. You might want to consider whether or not you have potential buyers, too. Most pet stores/wholesalers will "take them off your hands" for far less that you hoped. Regardless of color and morph. Every season people find this out the hard way. Jeff PS...
  10. citrusdragon

    Carolina Classic Dragons and Facebook

    Huge Fan You've been posting some pretty nice stuff lately :D Jeff
  11. citrusdragon

    DIY Condo/Stackables

    Cohabitation depends on the size and temperament of the individuals. Even paired females can become aggressive with each other. I suggest being very careful and be ready with another enclosure. Jeff
  12. citrusdragon

    Welcome 'Rand' !

    Awesome Dennis :D The viv looks great!!! Killer bachelor pad for Rand 8) I am glad you love him. When he sheds he'll really brighten up the room :) Thanks again Jeff Crider
  13. citrusdragon

    genectics question about clear nails

    Hypo (clear nails)= ALL clear... no root color or nothing... transparent. Partially clear nails is not a hypomelanistic dragon. Some have the light root, some are almost solid black. Jeff
  14. citrusdragon

    The "beardies can't sense heat on their stomachs" debate

    I just saw this thread, and I must say that for a while I had been guilty of passing on this "urban legend". I agree that heat rocks are very unreliable, some of the newer UTH's are a little more so. I never recommend use of either, but I have seen circumstances when people can safely use UTH...
  15. citrusdragon

    red... for Valentine's Day??? *New Pics 2/6*

    Getting close to the time these found homes :D email me to get on the list for next weeks release 8) Thanks for looking Jeff Crider [email protected]
  16. citrusdragon

    Citrus Dragons, show us yours! new baby pics 12/19

    Nice yellow on Sweetie :D
  17. citrusdragon

    Cricket sellers in California.

    Got my last batch from Gahn's. They were great, and I dig the overnight service! Jeff
  18. citrusdragon

    Citrus Dragons, show us yours! new baby pics 12/19

    Just took a picture of a female Awesome colors on this girl :shock: Thanks for looking Jeff
  19. citrusdragon

    red... for Valentine's Day??? *New Pics 2/6*

    Now this is a nice picture :shock: Jeff
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