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  1. taransteve

    What's currently the best MVB?

    *bump* Anyone? I need a new MVB and wanted to ask everyone what they thought was the best MVB to use... :dontknow:
  2. taransteve

    Breeding season starts .. I hope ..

    Whoaaa love is in the air ! :love5: :love10: :love5: :love10:
  3. taransteve


    Holy wow 250 for $11 thats crazy cheap! :shock: I've been along time customer of and thought they we're the cheapest Thanks for the info! :blob5: :blob8:
  4. taransteve


    Butterworms are a great staple actually IMO.. are you reffering to waxworms? I've been using Butters and Phoenix worms for years. **The Calcium content is twice that of any other feeder insect Nutritional Information Moisture 58.54 Ash 1.04 Protein 16.20 Fat 5.21 Calories/Fat 87.73...
  5. taransteve

    Brumating for too long?

    Sounds alot like what Zues has been doing.. he hasn't lost any weight and not looking dehydrated. He just has no interest in eating..I've been doing much of the same, baby food, viti's and calcium. This morning I noticed when I gave him (forced fed) some greens, he started to breath really...
  6. taransteve

    Brumating for too long?

    *Bump* Anyone have any feedback??
  7. taransteve

    What's currently the best MVB?

    I've been using the Powersun MVB bulbs for years and never had any issues but with all the recent problems with so many of the different brands of MVB's which one is the best now and most recommended? :dontknow:
  8. taransteve

    Brumating for too long?

    Hello, I have a few questions about Brumating.. Zues started to get sleepy the first part of October and went into full brumation on Halloween. We did everything we normally do when it's this time of year, I gave him baths every week, monitored his weight and kept a close eye on him. Around...
  9. taransteve

    dying? force feed?

    I'm sorry to hear about Lizzie, we send her lots of beardie hugs and headbobs to get well soon.!
  10. taransteve

    Can a beardie become depressed?

    I agree..I need to make sure Zues is ok too...He had test(s) run last month on both of them and Zues' we're all negative.. that can change quickly though.. Thanks for the reply and I'm sorry to hear you lost your baby also...I miss Seuzy so much, just not the same without her here.. but she's...
  11. taransteve

    Can a beardie become depressed?

    Our sweet girl dragon(Seuzy)passed away yesterday.... & today Zues our oldest beardie Zues is looking so depressed... This morning he woke up and our usual routine is to take them both out, breakfast time, then they both sit in the window for a few hours, bath time and then they both go back to...
  12. taransteve

    We will miss you my you sweet girl!

    My beautiful sweet Seuzy passed away today..she has been fighting eye cancer for over a month and lost her battle today... god has other plans for her.. We will miss her so very much! She was so funny, spunky and beautiful...we'll miss watching her do '360's on the kitchen floor, it was so...
  13. taransteve

    Eye looks sunken... !

    Thanks so much for all the well wishes ! :wink:
  14. taransteve

    Eye looks sunken... !

    Hiyas.. Update on Suezy.. She's seems to be doing a little better.. the swelling in her eye is going down a little, She's been on the antibiotic's for almost a week. poor baby girl doesen't feel good.. :( she's been black bearding since we started her on the med's.. The Vet called me last...
  15. taransteve

    Hello From Tatsu

    Tatsu!!!! :blob5: :blob8: Please give your beardie Mama lots of dragon huggles... we hope she is getting better and wish her a speedy recovery! :wave: :love5: Zues 'n' Seuzy said give her lots of squirmy wormies ...yummy! :lol: :lol:
  16. taransteve


    I agree...I've been using Mulberry for over six shipments always get to me on time, never any DOA.. always had good experiences.. only thing that I've noticed is they're prices are increasing a bit.. other than that great feeders! I put the phoenix worms in both of there salads...
  17. taransteve

    Where can i find Zoo Med Repti Calcium With D3 in the UK? heres a site that ships to the UK...hope it helps :D
  18. taransteve

    Hard Boiled Eggs

    I've given Seuzy 'N' Zues a few bites when I'm eating them which isn't very often... they LOVE 'em! According to the you can give them but only as a "treat" if your beardie likes them.. like bananas.. Feed rarely
  19. taransteve

    Eye looks sunken... !

    Good afternoon beardie bunch! Wanted to give an update on my lil girl... A few days after I posted last, Seuzy's eye socket started to look swollen and the eye was looking really bad and puffy.. I got the name of a well known herp Vet from a friend of mine "pscaulkins" (thanks Sandy! :wink: )...
  20. taransteve

    Post your funny beardie pics!

    LOL :laughhard:
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