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  1. Chaosadnd1

    Beardie as a "beginner" pet

    I think I can generally agree with you on all points. Their first year cost is quite astounding. As well as the amount of care required as compared to "needed." I'll see if I can't comment on some or most of your points to add to the conversation. Cost: I absolutely agree here. 200ish dollars...
  2. Chaosadnd1

    Where to buy feeders online?

    I've never had an issue with
  3. Chaosadnd1

    It's been awhile. But back with questions!

    To make a long story short, I didnt have buttercup for awhile. She was well taken care of, but not held. So a two part question this will be. If I put this in the wrong place, I apologize mods! First question: Feeding after a year old. The good friend of mine that had Buttercup for awhile fed...
  4. Chaosadnd1

    Weird bump below beard

    Hi all. I noticed a bump right below Buttercups beard today. I know the pic isnt the best but you can clearly see it. She isnt acting any different other than flaring up and opening her mouth at me this morning when I scared her shaking crickets off my hand. Anybody have a possible idea what...
  5. Chaosadnd1

    (Renamed) Buttercups thread

    Yeah. That was after being outside for like 2 weeks everday with her on my shoulder soaking up the sun. She just decided to jump off and bail!
  6. Chaosadnd1

    (Renamed) Buttercups thread

    I know, right!
  7. Chaosadnd1

    (Renamed) Buttercups thread

    I havent updated this in awhile! First things first. We had a scare last week, Was outside with Buttercup and my daughter, and she jumped off my shoulder and ran into the woods. Almost lost her..but a little neighbor boy who was more nimble than me got her out of the woods literally. Went and...
  8. Chaosadnd1

    Anyone with normal dragons ?

    Here is buttercup. My normal petsmart baby?
  9. Chaosadnd1

    how often do you handle your beardie

    Ok I don't feel too terrible then. I handle buttercup about 10 minutes a day while working 12 hour shifts. but about an hour or so on days off.
  10. Chaosadnd1

    Tough guy beardie

    Lol that is awesome!
  11. Chaosadnd1

    (Renamed) Buttercups thread

    That is a very good idea! Buttercup after her bath in the "That's right, i run this!" pose Edit: Shortly after this pic she was glass dancing and wanting to come back out. We went out and got about 10 minutes of sun and I was actually able to measure her. She is 13 inches now, and I'm...
  12. Chaosadnd1

    (Renamed) Buttercups thread

    Yeah I agree. It just seems so barren now and open. I was looking on lllreptile and petmountain, but I can decide anything to order.
  13. Chaosadnd1

    (Renamed) Buttercups thread

    The tiles not fitting drive me nuts. 36x12x18 should be 3 12x12 and and 6 6x6's darn it! lol.
  14. Chaosadnd1

    (Renamed) Buttercups thread

    Yes she hates bathtime. Still no back shed today. I just pimped Buttercups home, so she is a bit cranky at the moment. As of right now, I hate it. The tile "should" fit, and doesnt. And it looks so empty. As you can see Buttercup in the background, she is still a bit thrown off by her basking...
  15. Chaosadnd1

    (Renamed) Buttercups thread

    And here is Crosby... Yeah Buttercups back has been ready for about 2 days. hasnt burst yet though.
  16. Chaosadnd1

    (Renamed) Buttercups thread

    Well me and Buttercup just took a walk, hoping to get her some sun but the sillyclouds disagreed. While I was out today I bought Buttercup a new sleeping area...hopefully. It's bigger than the other one. (right side cave) Here is a pic of her viv for about 3 more days till I go get the exo...
  17. Chaosadnd1

    Exo terra 36x18x18

    Awesome! I'm actually not going to worry too much about the background because I feed dubias in a dish. Shouldnt have to worry too much about that. As far as price goes, I would either have to order a 40 gal breeder offline and pay shipping ect, buy a screen top and stuff, or just get this exo...
  18. Chaosadnd1

    (Renamed) Buttercups thread

    Yup. Same here. Annnnd she just poopped on her basking spot again. Argh!
  19. Chaosadnd1

    Just chillin... All the time!

    A pet rock. Lol!
  20. Chaosadnd1

    Exo terra 36x18x18

    Thanks! No I haven't bought it yet. But am this week.
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