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  1. Stolzieren

    blue eyelid?

    someone sent me a message recently saying blue eyelids can be a sign of diet imbalance or something and I just don't know what to make of that. in all the research I've done I've never heard of this? so I wanted to be sure my lil poncho is alright of course! I'm inclined to think it's normal...
  2. Stolzieren

    a beardie belly question

    thanks for the reply! I'm glad to hear. she gets around great, she can really run if she wants to as well. I've paid attention to her running the past few days and it seems her belly just barely brushes the ground at times, but she definitely doesn't drag it along the ground or anything I do...
  3. Stolzieren

    a beardie belly question

    I did not know her previous owner, so it's hard to tell her age, but I've had her for 11 months now and she was around 17 and a half inches when I got her.
  4. Stolzieren

    a beardie belly question

    she is always pretty active, she was actually more restless and digging some months back and I prepared a lay box for her and everything but she never really used it. her belly's always been this way though, but I will keep watch for any signs that she may be carrying eggs, just to be safe.
  5. Stolzieren

    a beardie belly question

    she can get quite flat as well, yes. when she runs she pulls her belly up a bit. this was sort of her resting stand I guess. her diet consists of a variety of greens and her favorite, butternut squash. and dubia roaches. occasionally phoenix worms. sometimes she gets a bit of fruit but not much...
  6. Stolzieren

    a beardie belly question

    so I've noticed beardies tend to carry their weight differently. what I'm wondering is, is this belly alright? she sure has quite a belly but she runs around totally fine. I've seen similar lizard bellies but I just wanted to be sure!
  7. Stolzieren

    ...could poncho be male after all?

    thanks for the reply! I thought so, but I wanted to hear another opinion on it. I've also tried the flashlight thing and never seen any bulges like the males have.
  8. Stolzieren

    best way to keep a dragon hydrated?

    a bath or two once a week helps a lot, also feeding them fresh greens and feeders will give them plenty of moisture. I wouldn't mist him too much, now and then is okay and I'd say outside of the enclosure too. make sure he's able to get dried off quickly though
  9. Stolzieren

    beardie leg question

    both legs look great, looks like he's going to shed the other next
  10. Stolzieren

    ...could poncho be male after all?

    I always figured she was female because I never saw the two bumps on the tail close to the vent but now she's got some femoral pores going on here, and they're pretty visible. I know both sexes have them, but I hear the male's pores will be more pronounced. I'll love her either way, but I'm...
  11. Stolzieren

    Getting darker in the sunlight??

    yup, they get darker to better absorb the heat and all that good stuff!
  12. Stolzieren

    Poop with lots of water?

    sounds normal to me! my lil poncho eats a lot of veggies and there's a bit of water that comes out with her poop as well, though it is nice and semi solid.
  13. Stolzieren

    My Bearded Dragon Ate An Ant?!

    I don't think one ant will give her any problems. just be sure she doesn't go for any other bugs. it can be hard though, beardies are fast little things!
  14. Stolzieren

    is this chub or something i should really watch?

    he looks great! as long as he's active, alert, eating and pooping regular, all that good stuff. he's probably totally fine. poncho's got a chubby belly but she gets regular vet checkups and her behavior is fine
  15. Stolzieren

    Will this keep my bearded dragon awake and night?

    depends on your beardie, if he stays sound asleep with his light off and yours on, I wouldn't worry. but you could put a blanket over the tank when his lights go off if you're worried about it
  16. Stolzieren


    if he's sound asleep I think he'll be fine, but yes you could drape a blanket over like Blue said.
  17. Stolzieren

    Bearded Dragon Travel?

    I do short distance drives with poncho on warm sunny days! took her down to the state park once, she behaved well in the car but my grandpa was there in the passenger's seat just in case she got rowdy
  18. Stolzieren

    I think it's a boy, but another opinion would be nice!

    looks female to me! nice name btw, I'm an FMA fan as well
  19. Stolzieren

    Aten my bearded dragon.

    hey! aten! I follow your tumblr where you post pictures of him, he's wonderful and one of my favorite beardies hehe. I'm the owner of poncho the bearded dragon on tumblr, you might know of her
  20. Stolzieren

    Dried poo on belly

    keep up with the warm soaks and scrub gently with a soft toothbrush and it will come off eventually also it's pretty normal for them to walk through their poop, poncho has painted her enclosure with poop a few times now :D
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