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  1. SlimeCounty


    I got curious today, and clicked the affiliates at the top of the seems they are all expired domains.,, and Just a heads up! Also, while I'm at it, I was wondering what webhost is used for's always responsive...
  2. SlimeCounty

    A long overdue update on my two dragons (pics!)

    Ha, yes of course MurderFace is named after William Murderface! As for genetics, your guess is as good as mine. Murderface was purchased from some hole-in-the-wall pet store, and they didn't exactly have knowledgeable staff on hand, but from books I've skimmed, he always most looked like he had...
  3. SlimeCounty

    A long overdue update on my two dragons (pics!)

    Hey all, been a while since I posted here, I still visit often, usually just to read other's stories or scan the For Sale section for deals on feeders, but I thought it'd be fun to post up some pics of my babies. MurderFace was my first dragon, got him late March 2011 when he was about 6 months...
  4. SlimeCounty

    Dragon plays cell phone game "ant crusher" video

    hopefully this hasn't been posted before, just found it myself... its a beardie playing games on a smartphone...NO JOKE!
  5. SlimeCounty

    Baby beardie not looking too clever

    wow, sorry for your loss. I would hold that breeder accountable, visit him and take a look around, and if others look like skinny did, maybe even get the authorities involved, many areas have strict rules over who can and can't breed reptiles, and the conditions they can be kept in...I...
  6. SlimeCounty

    The Pig

    Ha!, your PIG and my pig (Murderface) should be friends!
  7. SlimeCounty

    !!My Bearded Dragon Swallowed a 5 pence coin!!

    call me sick, call me demented, call me what you will, but... ...I WANT PICS!!! :blob5: :study: :blob8: lol, glad to hear everything is ok, no blood in/around the stool? the 'passing' didn't tear any tender tissues?
  8. SlimeCounty

    this microscope OK for Fecal?

    just curious if this microscope is suitable to perform at home fecal testing... it is capable of 10x 40x and 150x if not, how about this one?
  9. SlimeCounty

    A baby horned lizard

    WOW!, those are so UGLY they're CUTe.... :lol: now I want 2 of them!
  10. SlimeCounty

    Cricket enclosure, PLEASE HELP/ADVISE

    i'll do u one better, i'll post 2! thanks for the input caltrat3, im now on my 4000th cricket and its holding up so far, just hot glue and duct tape, though the duct tape isnt really for keeping crix out, its for stopping me or anyone else from pricking our fingers on the edges of the cut...
  11. SlimeCounty

    some pixel, some murderface

    Video of Pixel
  12. SlimeCounty

    Meet Pixel

    hey thanks for the responses, i guess pixel is gonna stick, not a big fan of pixie...i kno shes a girl, but that's too :lol: here's a vid of her saying hello to all of you...
  13. SlimeCounty

    finally posting...

    great, new genetics are always welcome here! take some pics of your setup and your beautiful dragons. :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:
  14. SlimeCounty

    Hi all. Say hello to Charlie...

    very cool, those are some nice climbing structures, im sure chuck will be very happy.
  15. SlimeCounty

    New, but no name for my Beardie :(

    ha, anytime my beardie MurderFace looks plump, i give him a nice warm bath, where he poops which also seems to give him more of an appetite. To suggest a name for your dragon, i would have to see a pic. enjoy your new friend.
  16. SlimeCounty

    Meet Pixel

    8 week old or so female, 7 inches from head to tail, courtesy of BloodBank Dragons, her name isn't 100% official yet, but it's the best i got so far, feel free to offer any suggestions, keeping in mind i hate giving animals common human names, lol. when she's big enough, hopefully her and...
  17. SlimeCounty

    Baby Dragon and New to this stuff

    OK, you say to dust a babies food 5x weekly with calcium, i currently have calcium with d3, do i need to buy the calcium without d3 for this? as i heard they can overdose on D3...
  18. SlimeCounty

    what size pheonix worm?

    this has probably been asked about a thousand times, but the search function didn't bring up any answers... SO, i have a new 7 inch, 7 week old female BD, she is eating small crix now, but i wish to switch her over to pheonix worms for a bit, what size should i order?
  19. SlimeCounty

    Cricket enclosure, PLEASE HELP/ADVISE

    meh, i decided to scrap the first attempt, i bought a larger tote, cut the screens much larger than the openings and used hot glue to seal the screens in place.
  20. SlimeCounty

    Cricket enclosure, PLEASE HELP/ADVISE

    Hello, I made a cricket enclosure yesterday to hold the large amounts of crickets I will be keeping from now on, I used a very large rubbermaid tote, and cut squares on both ends, and two large openings in the lid, and sealed aluminum screens over each opening...i just wanted to know if I did...
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