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    BG23's Legacy Uploads

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    First time owner - lots of questions!

    Ok few things here that you should consider changing, MOST important one is the day light heat bulb YES you're beardie needs a heat bulb that gives off light during the day if the enclosure drops below 65 degrees than yes use a CHE during the night if temps do not drop that low then shut off...
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    2019 Bearded Dragon Calendar images needed!!!

    ]Wow I have been so busy that I missed the deadline for the calendar this year so sad. I've submitted pictures of Sliptornavich the last couple years and now I'm sadd that I missed it. Is there anything i can do to get her in the calendar or is everything already final? I have submitted plenty...
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    How do I transport Marlow to vet (2hrs round trip) in cold??

    BTW you mentioned in you're post that you have a CHE for him on 24/7? Why do you keep it on that long? Does the temps get below 65 degrees at night in his enclosure? Heat sources and Uvb sources should be a 12 on 12 off process unless during brumation or unless temps fall below 65 degrees F...
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    How do I transport Marlow to vet (2hrs round trip) in cold??

    Me and Slip are in michigan and her vet is 2 hours away, I heated the car to 80 degrees before I even took her in there. Before that I got a small dog carrier that has a wool bottom and I will post a picture of that. Then i put 2 heat packs in the back of the carrier with a shower towel over top...
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    Year #2 with Sliptornavich!

    Hello fellow Beardie lovers! It's been awhile since our last post but I just wanted everyone to know that Slip and I are still going strong and doing very well. Making sure I keep up on her activity levels and diet and making sure she has all that she needs to be a big healthy Lizard. Hope you...
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    Year #2 with Sliptornavich!

    Hello fellow bearded lovers it's been awhile since I've posted so I just wanted to say I hope all is going well with your bearded that I've gotten to know and also Sliptornavich is doing great still we have really formed a great bond and our routine is great here's some updated pics and again...
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    First week with Big Red

    This is normal behavior and sounds like it will take a bit loonger for him to settle inn which is ok one thing I would suggest is try hand feeding him more often and we will get that your his buddy and not a enemy another thing is to make sure you don't feed him to much kale as it binds calcium...
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    Year #2 with Sliptornavich!

    After our first year comes to an end my beardie Slip and i got to know each other's routine and daily schedule. My disicion to get her was one of the best choices i made last year. I feel like we have many yet to come and i feel much more confident in how my beardie feels and learned alot about...
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    New Owner from Charlotte, NC with Sahara

    Shes beautiful and she looks really healthy. Have fun and good luck beardies are perfect pets.
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