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  1. NickAVD

    Lilly 5 month update

    I think she is of normal weight. My opinion is that the most important thing is the absence of stress and the desire to explore the world around us. As long as Lilly has all this, there can be no talk of any excess weight. She is growing into a very beautiful dragon!
  2. NickAVD

    Taco on the balcony (with leash)

    You have a wonderful balcony and a beautiful view of the ocean! I think birds of prey can often bother you. Have you thought about making a walking enclosure for Taco from a mesh?
  3. NickAVD

    Taco on the balcony (with leash)

    I'm very happy for Taco! Nothing can replace real sun and the UV that it emits.
  4. NickAVD

    Insects hiding under dragon are not caught

    Mine will never look for a roach under his belly. If he saw a roach that was hiding under his belly, he would have a facial expression like: "Well, to hell with it, I’m too lazy to strain and do something..." But I'm sure he would do a somersault if a locust crawled under him.
  5. NickAVD

    Lurking underneath

    I think that dragons do not have the same capabilities as chameleons. At least Foxy always tries to make his colors contrast with the outside background as much as possible.
  6. NickAVD

    The perfect way to end a stressful day!!!

    I think you're right. Most likely, Sinatra was tired of moving and having to adapt to a new place. I wish Sinatra to get rid of stress as soon as possible. Now he is in a sunny city and this will help him. I hope that all your dragons will receive grasshoppers very soon to lift their spirits ;)
  7. NickAVD

    Lurking underneath

    Wow! In the photo it looks like it has a green pattern! It's amazing how much they can change after shedding. By the way, Foxy also has a pattern of dark burgundy lines when he is in a great mood. I'll try to take a photo sometime.
  8. NickAVD

    The perfect way to end a stressful day!!!

    All your dragon girls are very beautiful, and Ruby just shines like the sun. The hornworm must have been very tasty. :D How is Sinatra doing?
  9. NickAVD

    Walking without a leash

    Just a fun video, it reminded me of when I first planned to go for a walk with Foxy in nature, I was very afraid that everything might end up like this :ROFLMAO:
  10. NickAVD

    The perfect way to end a stressful day!!!

    Zsa Zsa is very beautiful! I really liked the last photo! :love:
  11. NickAVD

    The perfect way to end a stressful day!!!

    It's great to see your entire bearded family together! I missed by photos of your dragons.
  12. NickAVD

    Maya Helping Me Wash Dishes

    I think with such an assistant the dishes were washed twice as fast
  13. NickAVD

    New beardie owner!

    With temperature everything is simple. For baby bearded dragons it should be 105-110 degrees, and for adult dragons 95-100. Children eat very often and a lot, so they need extra warmth to support digestion. Your dragon may be eating less due to lack of warmth. You need to buy a temperature meter...
  14. NickAVD

    New beardie owner!

    Welcome to the forum! I am sure this is the best place you can get all the information about keeping beardies. First of all, you need to tell us about your terrarium and the lamps you bought in the store. Usually the advice the store gives is not the best. There are real professionals on the...
  15. NickAVD

    Taco wearing a harness

    It seems that Taco doesn't mind having a harness on him. I'll be looking forward to seeing photos of Taco on the walk. It's a good idea to use hooks, but make sure it won't come off with a little force.
  16. NickAVD

    How was this only 10 weeks ago?!

    Wow! She's already a grown-up girl! My wife said that this was a different branch in the photo, I explained to her that the branch was the same. :ROFLMAO:
  17. NickAVD

    CHE wattage, light dome diameter

    Unfortunately, I don’t have CHE lamps, but I have a pair of Arcadia DHP lamps, 50 watts and 75 watts. If you have the opportunity to buy them with remote delivery, then I can make all the measurements you need, at what distance what temperature is obtained. I used them without a dome, bought...
  18. NickAVD

    Why I haven't been on the website anymore.

    This buddy always made me smile when I looked at his photos. I swear, literally on Sunday I was reviewing your topic "HES ESCAPING!". And he lifted my spirits again. Rest in peace, Swordtail! :cry:
  19. NickAVD

    A Day in the Life Of A Beardie

    I love stories like this! :D
  20. NickAVD

    Dubia Breeding Time

    I know that someone tried to feed roaches dog food, but I am afraid to do this because I don’t know what else the food manufacturer added there, maybe even genetically modified products. For protein enrichment, I use oats as a substrate, and once a week I give a teaspoon of gamarus (these are...
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