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    aliciazan's Legacy Uploads

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    Help! Can't Get Temps Right

    jayce82, the light fixture is one piece and is mounted using zip ties to the screen
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    Help! Can't Get Temps Right

    I recently upgraded to a 36x18x18 tank. I have a Reptisun 10.0 T5-ho mounted inside with a reflector. I had a 75w basking bulb, but it had her basking spot way too warm, around 115-120. I've changed to a 50w halogen bulb & her basking temps are around 100-105. However, her cool side temps...
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    Meet Blossom! We are new to the forum & Beardie world.

    Hi!! This is Blossom & we've had her around 4 months. She was given to us by my daughter's classmate that no longer had time for her. My daughter thinks this is her Beardie, but she's mistaken! Lol! I think she's tripled in size from the day we got her & has been shedding since October...
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    Need Help, Please. First Time Beardie Owner

    I have an accurite indoor/outdoor that I put in after I took the picture. I have the sensor placed even with the basking bulb. Is this correct?
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    Need Help, Please. First Time Beardie Owner

    I got a new tank today that measures 36x18x18. The basking bulb light is 75w. How close to the bulb can I safely put her hammock? My temperatures seem to be off by 10 degrees. Should I get a different bulb? Please help!! Any & all help/suggestions would be appreciated. We are newbie...
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    Would You Change Your Beardie's Name Based on Gender?

    We adopted (rescued) a Beardie from one of my daughters classmates a few months ago. We were told she was 6 months old & a girl, so we named her Blossom. This is our first Beardie and we are learning new things about them every day. I'm pretty sure Blossom is a boy, but I swear "she" acts...
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