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  1. The-Piranha

    Making a realistic terrarium!?

    My "Building False Rocks for your Enclosure" Is a good guide to building your own. Of course you can make it then to how you want it. My original design as shown in the picture is still in use even today. It has been long lasting, hard wearing...
  2. The-Piranha


    Spike Spike was my First beaded dragon i kept wasn't the first i rescued and re-homed. But he was my First I bought way back when. He has had a lovely life. He never suffered from any form of MBD or major ailments. He was as pristine today when he died a few hours ago as the day i first...
  3. The-Piranha

    Food For thought Lettuce

    Food for thought… The Great lettuce debate! Some people and pet stores selling animals say lettuce is a great food for reps as it contains trace amounts of calcium and people use it as part of their staple diet and yet others say no don’t feed lettuce it contains laudanum. That is actually a...
  4. The-Piranha

    Sealant Issues

    Well sanded grout is porous and water based paints shouldn’t / wouldn’t make it water resistant; this is what you use the PVA for to seal the faux rock after it has been crafted and coloured to make it water resistant. I personally used paint and PVA for children as they have higher standards...
  5. The-Piranha

    Sealant Issues

    If when wet the PVA is becoming active i wouldn’t leave it in either. Sounds to me like maybe you have used a grout which is non-porous or your paints used to colour it have sealed the grout. So the PVA is not being absorbed into the grout, instead it’s just sitting on the top as a thin film...
  6. The-Piranha

    Faux Rock 2 years on

    Update, 2 years on.... Since first making the faux rock article for I just wanted to give an update on how it has / is standing up. Spike has loved this faux rock from the word go. He has climbed all over it and inspected every part leaving no place unexplored even places I...
  7. The-Piranha

    Sealant Issues

    Hi Jo, Like you when i first made a faux rock i went on a hunt in the UK for products that would be safe. Dani's post is great and well worth looking into and i would consider using Dani's advice in my next build. But in the UK the choice of products is not as extensive as the US so at the time...
  8. The-Piranha

    Enclosures Building False Rocks for your Enclosure

    Written by Stuart McDougall on December 10, 2006 Introduction This article is about how I built my false rock to fit my enclosure. Having a standard 4ft x 2ft x 2ft enclosure, I decided to give it a facelift. I had a piece of faux rock made from molded resin which looked great in the tank. I...
  9. The-Piranha

    Hey guys,

    Welcome to the forum....... I hope your wait passes quickly Stu AKA The Piranha
  10. The-Piranha

    Hello new to forum

    hi ok here is Sid and Homer Sid my Boa 8yrs old Homer AkA Homie my puppy dawg 7 years old though in this photo he is about 2 - 3 y/o At some point i will take a new pic of my main brood female Veiled
  11. The-Piranha

    Hello new to forum

    here is spike and nor there s a larger version in Photo Expressions entitled Spike and his new girlie Nor
  12. The-Piranha

    Hello new to forum

    Michelle, no problem.... You didn't know me from Adam I could easily of been your 22 year old and talking of which the thought of him had me lol I remember those days ... or at least I think I do if I try real hard, those were the days I had a lot more hair on my head and testosterone for a...
  13. The-Piranha

    Hello new to forum

    Hi Michelle, Thanks for the concern, yes she has done time in quarantine. To tell you a little more about us we have been rescuing, keeping and breading reps for over 25 years. We have great backup from a good vet, from the local pet store owner who I’ve personally known for over 30 years we...
  14. The-Piranha

    Hello new to forum

    Hi everyone, just thought id take time to say hello as I have just joined this forum. I have 2 BD. One called Spike at almost 3 and a half years old and his little girlie Nor who is just 1 maybe 2 years old and a very recent addition. Nor is a rescue and Spike has already taken Nor under his...
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