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    Beardedfatlady's Legacy Uploads

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    Floating in bath

    Thank you , it’s nice to know she isn’t completely crazy .
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    Floating in bath

    So my just now juvenile stage baby likes to float , but will fall asleep in try and turn over on her back in bath today was my freak out point but when I picked her up she deflated and looked at me like I ruined her day . What is that she has floaties and turtle bay invade she gets tired. And...
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    Home roaming

    What is a good age to start home roaming ?
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    Mist or not to mist?

    I want to say Thank you for all the important helpful advice on how to get Tokyo started off on right foot. I have been reading a lot of what is the right humidity for a dragon still cannot got a solid answer. Should she have a fogger in her tank or what do you recommend.
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    Temper fits?

    I believe I might be crazy but Tokyo evidently was watching Nemo this morning with my granddaughter once Nemo was over I turned the channel in Tokyo proceeded to run off of her bed or she was laying watching the TV go down and start tearing things up and flushing her beard took me a few minutes...
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