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  1. Herp.things

    Baby Terrarium Size

    Baby bearded dragon i just got him/her. What size tank so i dont have to build another??
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    Bee Pollen

    What exactly is bee pollen for???
  3. Herp.things

    New breeder

    I’ve had the same one for almost 3 years. I spent time away from home most of the time and nobody new how to take care of him. I’m just now getting back into the herpetology industry. I feel very well educated on bearded dragons.
  4. Herp.things

    New breeder

    I’m wanting to start breeding bearded dragons and literally know nothing about it. Any advice or tips?
  5. image.jpg


    He is napping
  6. Herp.things


    You should be okay. The temps are most likely the issue what are the temperatures for the hot and cool side??? If it stays low like that they could get a respiratory infection.
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    Beardie wont eat

    Try a variety of insects and see what he’s willing to eat. Beardies also love Repashy gel mix. Put all his vitamins and calcium on what he eats. As long as you are following the vets orders you should be okay.
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    Comment by 'Herp.things' in media '16638661945148126115939340843058.jpg'

    This is shed. I can tell from the color change. Where the shed is at you can see that the tone is lighter.
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    Comment by 'Herp.things' in media 'Tail rot?'

    This is absolutely not tail rot. 99 percent of the dragons I’ve seen which is a lot have a darker color to the end/tip of the tail. Tail rot will look like your bearded dragons tail is literally rotting.
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    Comment by 'Herp.things' in media 'BC8933F2-132D-494B-9F68-934C5BB36732.jpeg'

    One of 2 things. Either the start of a tail rot infection or a burn spot. If it is tail rot you have luckily caught onto it early before it were to spread through the rest of the tail and eventually to the organs and heart which once it gets that far RIP. Burn spot: your bearded dragon might...
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