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    Terry15's Legacy Uploads

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    Hello, Grace and Julianos here!

    Welcome Grace & Julianos. You have found the right site,I joined here 4-5 years ago. People here are very helpful, without being judgmental. Can you post a picture of your little one.
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    Possibly early yellow fungus?D:

    Mystic he’s 5 years old, looks like he may have some YF on the bottom of his foot. He is shedding, I wanted to bath him to get the shed off, but realized that’s not a good idea. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and post them in a new thread. Hopefully it’s not YF.
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    DIY Enclosure

    I like this one that someone posted.
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    Christmas Tree Dilemma

    Mystic always loves the Christmas tree.
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    This is just sad...

    So sad. I would not socialize with these people at all & would not let my daughter any where near them. It’s almost scary to think of what the parents are doing to their own kids. Please be careful.
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    URGENT - beardie not using front legs

    Do you have a green mesh hammock ? She could have gotten her nails caught I it while she was jumping down. Just a thought.
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    Need Adhesive for STONE/SLATE

    You could use the non adhesive shelf liner under the tile. I use it and have some slate tiles on top.
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    Broken toe???

    They can get their toes & nails caught in those mesh hammocks.
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    Best 40 gallon tank to get?

    The Exoterra 36x18x18 with the doors up front are nice. I must open them at least 20 times a day or more.
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    12 and 12. They need lights off at night
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    Are we spoiling Dr. Bombay?

    Juveniles should have 3 feedings a day of live bugs, as many as they can eat in about a 10 minute span. The last feeding being at least 2 hours before bed, so they have time to digest their food.
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    Beardie hot tub

    Heated foot spa
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    Cleaning tank Help please

    I would get rid of all the stuff in the tank, clean it good. You could get a roll of non adhesive shelf liner which is cheap, easy to clean & bugs won’t be able to hide under it. You can always find some sort of branch from outside and bake it at a low temperature. Then get some thicker rope to...
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    Eyes stuck shut look bruised

    You might want to try some Repashy Grub pie for him to eat. It sets up like jello and you can cut it to look like worms. Easy on his system and made with bug protein. Thank you for rescuing him. ?
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    Zoomed Repti Basking Spot Lamp

    Petsmart will price match the cheapest price you can find online at any site. Try
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    Sanding down water dish

    I would get a new one, or use a small ceramic dish
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    Hornworm larva

    Thank you
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    Hornworm larva

    A few of the hornworms I have are changing into the larva stage. Is it ok to feed the Beardie the larva ?
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    Fat? Impacted? Or I’m overthinking, please help?

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