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    BeardedDragon27's Legacy Uploads

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    Bloody stool

    The bloody part almost looked like dark jelly. Thanks Cooper
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    Bloody stool

    Help!! My dragon had a large slightly bloody poop today. We have been moving recently and I have been reduced to feeding him several super worms because I had no access to veggies. Could this be a cause of him not eating his veggies and then having bloody poop? I'm concerned because this has...
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    My dog isn't big, only 12 pounds. And now the dog gives Marty his space. My dog isn't brave.
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    My dragon Marty has officially asserted his dominance, by terrifying my dog.? All it took was a nose sniff from the dog that was a little too close, and he got a suddenly very much larger lizard, with it's throat puffed up and hissing. Poor doggy ?
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    beardie has seemed to lose interest in crickets

    You should always try to mix up what they eat. Just like humans, they can't keep eating the same thing over and over for 2 reasons. 1, they'll get bored, and 2, it can make them sick. As for the crickets, she could just be full. Is it close to winter or fall where you are? The seasons affect...
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    How do I keep my branches in place?

    Your dragon looks very comfy. And that should work fine. As long as it isn't moved, the pieces should stay in place pretty well
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    How do I keep my branches in place?

    For my enclosure, I had my branch wedged between the front and back of the enclosure. It kept it nice and in place, and my lizard could jump on and off of it with no issues
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    The Antics of Peaches

    That's an amazing dragon house. Mine wishes his looked like that
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    Odd tail color

    Thank you all for all your help, as well as the compliments ?
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    Odd tail color

    But it always looks that color. Even after he sheds, and I've never seen him shed the top part.
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    A sneaky upgrade!

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    Black Beard

    My dragon constantly has black on his beard. How old is yours? It could just be coloration. Is it a constant color? Or is it changing?
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    Can Beardies get vegetables through insects?

    What you could try is holding a piece of lettuce and make it interesting by moving it around and making it seem alive. It worked for my dragon Marty. He was the same way and refused to eat anything that didn't move. Once they see it move and eat it, she may realize she likes it.
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    Odd tail color

    It's always been darker I think. He's about 2 years old now. I'd post a picture but I'm not sure how on here
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    Odd tail color

    My dragon Marty, his tail is a completely different color than the rest of his body. He can vary from brown and orange to gold and orange ( depending on his mood) but his tail always stays this mundane brown/grayish color. He also has a kink at the bottom of his tail ( I think Petsmart caught...
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    Gular Pouch

    Ok so I'm thinking it's just something he is doing, because I went to check on him this morning and it's totally not droopy. ( thanks Marty for making me look like a fool) could someone tell me how to post pictures on here? I've never done it before. Thanks!
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    Gular Pouch

    I feed him a variety of things, all different veggies and herbs so he stays healthy. I can post pictures a little later. He typically eats mint, oregano, lettuce, banana, peas, or pepperS, basically any veggies that I have
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