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  1. Claudiusx

    Question About Shedding Tail

    Follow up thread belongs in ER now. This one will be locked so that new replies can be on the ER thread. -Brandon
  2. Claudiusx

    This is his tail after shedding off the parts

    Yes, but that won't solve the issue. The issue is there is an infection of the flesh. It will keep rotting and spreading, eventually becoming systemic and fatal. The ONLY solution is to amputate the tail. And amputate it an inch or two past where the rot is visible on the outside. This is...
  3. Claudiusx

    Trying to eat his brick

    Hi there, He will learn eventually :) It's common for them to test new items in their tanks like this, especially when they are young. -Brandon
  4. Claudiusx

    How do you guys keep your dragon’s tank warm in the winter?

    Your OP didn't mention the basking surface specifically, you said his tank, which is why I asked. 80 for a general temperature in a tank during the winter is fine, but it's not for a basking surface. There are a few things at play, either you need to up the wattage of your bulb for the basking...
  5. Claudiusx

    How do you guys keep your dragon’s tank warm in the winter?

    Is 80 his basking surface temp or just the general ambient temp in the enclosure? -Brandon
  6. Claudiusx

    Raisinf basking height

    Bricks will work. If they are from outside just bake them in the oven for a bit to kill any nasties in them first. Same goes for any rocks or branches/driftwood you are able to find. Make sure you are factoring in how close to your UVB light you dragon will be, also. :) -Brandon
  7. Claudiusx

    institutionalization & my bearded dragon

    Skittles, I went ahead and moved your thread over to off-topic now as it's diverted a bit from your original question. That's fine, and if you want to keep posting on this thread that's perfectly fine too, but this is the better section for it now :) -Brandon
  8. Claudiusx

    Dubia Breeding Time

    Dog food is a bit too high in protein. You can make the bulk of your chow from ground up oats, which already are at a decent % of protein, and add a small amount of the dog food if you want. I used to use mainly oats as the main base of my chow since it's already close to the protein percentage...
  9. Claudiusx

    Dubia Breeding Time

    If you bought adults, it's possible you'll see some babies sooner than that because a few were likely gravid when you bought them. However as has been mentioned, the cycle is typically about 2 months. Another tip, especially for your breeding bin, you need to up the protein content. Adults...
  10. Claudiusx

    Should I encourage my beardie to lay eggs?

    Is she gravid, or are you asking if you should do things to encourage her to produce infertile eggs? If the former, then definitely provide her a safe and suitable place to lay. Serious health issues can arise when a dragon holds onto her eggs instead of laying them. If the former, it's better...
  11. Claudiusx

    Humidity Gauge?

    They do not need humidity for shedding. There are ZERO documented cases of health issues from low-to-no humidity. There are tons of documented cases from health issues from high humidity. For the majority of hobbyist's with proper husbandry, humidity is a non-issue. A healthy dragon will be...
  12. Claudiusx

    Morphs / Genetic Results

    The paradox mutation isn't fully understood yet. Hence the name. This brief explanation on morph market explains it decently. -Brandon
  13. Claudiusx

    Superworms Vs Butterworms

    Thats the beauty of the internet. Superworms have been a staple insect for my dragons for over 20 years. And I know dozens of breeders and dozens more hobbyists who have used superworms as staple feeders. I'd argue we see way less health issues with superworms than we do with dubias. Don't...
  14. Claudiusx

    Rabbit hutch modifications

    You can seal the wood with anything really. Paint, polyurethane, etc. I'd opt for a strong paint personally. If you go with a polyurethane, make sure it's UV rated. As far as what to put over the wiring is gonna kind of be up to you. You can get some thin pieces of plywood from a home...
  15. Claudiusx

    3 high wattage bulbs and still not warm enough.

    Do both of your probes agree with eachother when placed in the same spot? Do they agree with your IR gun? Wattage doesn't mean what it used to anymore, at least not in our case. With the pushes to become more energy efficient, putting off heat is the opposite of what most bulb manufactures...
  16. Claudiusx

    Second guessing my choice of UVB tube

    The stress of a vet visit and amputation is the only stress that will save him right now. The dragon is already under an immense amount of stress. That tail is literally a festering infection that is circulating through the body's system. That is the ultimate amount of stress. What will save the...
  17. Claudiusx

    Second guessing my choice of UVB tube

    We need the distance from the basking surface (Whatever the surface is she basks at) to the UV bulb. That's how you size and adjust the UV bulb you purchase to working for your enclosure. For instance, one of my tanks is 2' tall (approximately 61cm also) but because of how the light is mounted...
  18. Claudiusx

    HELP!! Bearded dragon ate dead, rotting bird

    More than likely will be ok. At this point it's been 2 hours or so? Any immediate ill effects would have been evident already. The only thing to watch out for now is a parasite infection. The immune system can do a pretty good job of keeping things at bay, including parasites, so just make sure...
  19. Claudiusx

    Second guessing my choice of UVB tube

    Better is a term I hate. But because most don't understand how UV or these bulbs really work, the term gets thrown around. They both do the same thing. The 14% produces UV over a larger distance, ideal for large/tall tanks, horrible for small tanks. The 12% produces a tighter distance of the...
  20. Claudiusx

    Second guessing my choice of UVB tube

    The hypo/trans question is all theory. No studies or tests have been done to prove one way or another whether those morphs need less UV exposure than their non-genetically modified counterparts. That being said, dragons need less UV than is commonly assumed as of the past few years. But that's a...
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