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    Beardie losing weight but completely healthy

    I do not have the bloodwork results. Our vet is a specialist but not one that deals with bearded dragons often as we live in a rural area. I do know the bloodwork was sent out and our vet spoke with a tech who specializes in bearded dragons and knows more than our vet. I don't know the extent of...
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    Beardie losing weight but completely healthy

    Let me know if these pics don't show what you need. His skin is wrinkly and you can feel each vertebrae and ribs. I don't know how to make him eat or gain weight. When he hasn't eaten for days I do give him Oxbow Critical Care for herbivores. I feel this has helped him not lose more weight than...
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    Beardie losing weight but completely healthy

    I apologize for all the typos! And he was in semi brumation not cremation??? that'll teach me to not proofread and trust a cell phone haha. How do I post pics because I have him and his tank setup to post.
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    Beardie losing weight but completely healthy

    Hi everyone. I am new here, although I have stalked this website for a year to ensure our beardie was healthy. I have a 1 year old male beardie who went into semi brumation in July. This was a vet diagnosis. He didn't eat much, slept most of the time in his hide and was very inactive. This...
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