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    Momswims1's Legacy Uploads

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    Eyes blue and glazed. Scared.

    This has happened in the last 24 hours. It isn't the membrane. We have had him his entire life. Nothing like this has ever happened before. He won't open his eyes so it is bothering him for sure. I will try to figure out how to post a photo.
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    Eyes blue and glazed. Scared.

    We need help! Frankie is 6 years old and today his beautiful Amber eyes glazed over with a blue haze. He is not wanting to open them. I am really worried. The only herp vet within 100 miles said this is out of his league.
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    New User Image Upload Feature!!

    Thanks. Next question. I was able to put six pictures on easily, but now I would like to add more. It wont give me that option. I am on my phone. The upload button does not appear. Just the previous six images. This is a great feature. We will all get it figured out. Thanks so much for...
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    Please help! My Rosie is dying!

    The other one is Kitty. She was Rosie's buddy. We bought Rosie, but Kitty we found at a pet store starving and being bitten constantly. We brought her home and she turned out to be a gorgeous dragon. She now has a large tumor on her side and we really have had to prepare ourselves to lose...
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    To my Rosie....with so much love.

    [/url][/url]I lost my comforter. My beautiful Rosie suddenly and unexpectedly died Sunday morning. My heart is broken. I loved and adored her more than any pet I have ever had. Our other little beardie girl, Kitty, has had a huge tumor on her side since Christmas and we have been bracing...
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    New User Image Upload Feature!!

    I have a memorial video of my beautiful Rosie that I just lost Sunday. The video is on Photobucket, but I can't seem to get it on Bearded no matter what I try. When I click on the ximg link, it brings up six pictures I put on there before, but is it possible to post a video that...
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    Please help! My Rosie is dying!
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    Please help! My Rosie is dying!

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    Please help! My Rosie is dying! For Rosie
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