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    Just an update

    Thank you I will try it.
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    Just an update

    I hadn’t thought of that. We have to be extra careful in the house because one of our cats wants to play with him and we know she will accidentally hurt him. Right now he likes to be on the back of the couch to look out the window with his harness on. I read that a small ball may catch their...
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    Just an update

    Hi everyone! My little man Thorin is doing great! He is still a divo but I love him! He is getting use to baths and new foods are being introduced. Blueberries are the new favorite treat, kale in moderation has now been approved, he has tried peas but I think he is still thinking about if those...
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    New member and meet Thorin

    This was Thorin’s first day with us since this picture we have taken out the fake plant and added more climbing wood. He loves it. His hammock is favorite spot to sleep in and you can’t move it to the other end. We have a the warm side and the cool side. He spends time in both depending on his mood.
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    New member and meet Thorin

    Hello, This is Thorin our almost two year old beardie! He is the second beardie we have owned. Our first, Gimili, passed away several years ago at the age of 12 years. After several years we decided we needed another beardie in our lives. Thorin is a bit of divo, male equivalent of a diva, but...
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