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  1. dezismom

    The Master of Hide and Seek

    isnt it amazing, how different each beardie is in personality? I have had three so far, and every one of them utterly different! My snuggler, the little warrior, the communicator...
  2. dezismom's Legacy Uploads

    dezismom's Legacy Uploads

  3. dezismom

    setup good?

    This is a beautiful viv! Any beardie would be happy to have such a place! great job.
  4. dezismom

    Bearded Dragon Smell

    This does not seem wierd, to me! I have had three dragons, and did notice each has his own signiture scent--not as in poo or like that, but like humans have different body odor... My Beardies scents are not at all offensive to me, and they also seem to notice my scent--we often greet one...
  5. dezismom

    Making Progress on an Abused Beardie

    Hey, shawn78, how is Volcano doing, lately? The photos of V. out with you, no teeth bared, especially his napping so relaxed and comfortable really made me smile! I have also rescued Beardies--in fact, my most recent fellow is about in the same stage you describe for V.-- staring to make...
  6. dezismom

    Meet my beardie!

    Hi, Andrea, welcome to the forum! You will loveit here, lots of activity, dedicated beardie people who are helpful and knowledgable. Yep, that is one seriously beautiful baby, no doubt! And what a tail! long and lovely. Stikes quite a pose, too. It may take a while to learn his/her...
  7. dezismom

    Bonding ?? idk what to name this-

    Hi, trinityy, you have been given some good advice. I have always begun handling early, asap. Keep in mind three words: sound, touch, scent. These are their best methods used to identify things (i.e., you) Speak slowly softly and in as deep a voice as possible. Gently rub his favorite...
  8. dezismom

    Beautiful Blaze

    And her color is so lovely, as well...her name is quite appropriate. Is Blaze you only dragon?
  9. dezismom

    Sometimes Blaze does weird things.

    Carrots!? How unexpected... Yes, we often, as new owners, mistake their communications. Once we finally learn to speak " dragon" , the bonds begin to form quickly. If we closely observe them, and spend plenty of time with them, they teach us THEIR language! With my beloved Dez, I had as...
  10. dezismom

    antibiotics? need answer soon! urgent

    Thanks, AHBD, and I will cur back on the supers...I guess I am used to Dezis appetite, that cost us +$100 a week, but he was not a normal I have alot to learn about normal dragons. The food news is, Logan is still eating, and is starting to decelope a personality! He is making...
  11. dezismom

    Sometimes Blaze does weird things.

    Yes! ha, ha! red=berries? who knows? but at least most beardies will release fast, when they bite down and come across something unexpected....I even trie to get Dezi to nip my finger once, (I KNOW, totally dumb experiment that shpud have been thought through a bit?) and he would have none of...
  12. dezismom

    Beautiful Blaze

    What a beauty! absolutely her big face and glorious smiles. You must be very proud to be a servant to such a magnificient dragon. She looks well cared for, and knows she is loved, as should be.
  13. dezismom

    Sometimes Blaze does weird things.

    They are all such characters! My boy had something against black shoes. He would rush over to the offensive shoes, stop, and lift up on his legs to rock back and give the shoe a good tap with his snout. Visiters were charmed, thinking it a friendly greeting....I did not feel the need to inform...
  14. dezismom

    antibiotics? need answer soon! urgent

    Thank you, Cooperdragon! I will keep you all posted, and get some photos. He is such a brave fellow, and so deturmined to survive. He has been an inspiration to me. What a tough little guy....I do not care if he is perfect, has disabilities, or deformaties, all beardies are perfect and...
  15. dezismom

    Power Outage

    I have used a clean waer or soda bottle, fill with hot tap water, or heat water on a gas stove. make sure top is not leaking. Wrap in thin non terry towel (that wont snag nails) and place with beardie in a small container, purse, or pet carrier to conserve heat. Or...just stick him on you, under...
  16. dezismom

    antibiotics? need answer soon! urgent

    thank you everyone, for your help and caring expressions over my terrible loss. Rescue was worse than I could back foot torn off comletely, infected. tail bitten in half, infected...almost all toes and fingers missing at least half. Just gruesome. horrifying.He is supposed to be...
  17. dezismom

    antibiotics? need answer soon! urgent

    Thank you, AHBD, I will hope for the best. This fellow is no baby, but an adult male. I dont have details yet. He has been through several bad homes, from what I do know. So sad. Thank you for your deep and sincere expression of sorrow for my loss, I know you have had personal experience. D. was...
  18. dezismom

    antibiotics? need answer soon! urgent

    I am picking up a rescue tomorro, have not yet seen him, but was told he has had a foot bitten off yesterday, while in cage with another dragon! even though he had been bullied by his cage mate, and had already lost a few toes from same! I am, of course, frustrated to hear this preventable...
  19. dezismom

    Bearded Dragon Christmas Special

    it would be a great Christmas card!!
  20. dezismom

    Note to self (and everyone else): No fake leaves in room!

    Sorry I did not answer right must have been lost in my inbox, somehow. My hubby and I are southern, and his family has several generations of LSU graduates, so of course, Dezi is a Tigers fan... There was an Unfortunate Incident in which sweet Dezi took offense to a little LSU tiger...
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