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    started getting diarrhea, is it parasites

    Thank you for your reply. He recently started having normal poops again so I think it was just because of a change in diet.
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    started getting diarrhea, is it parasites

    I've had my 2 month old beardie for almost 2 weeks. He had formed, healthy poop for the first week but this week he started having softer poops, basically diarrhea. Would his change in diet have a delayed effect and affect his poop the second week? Could it be that he's eating a lot of salad...
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    normal poop?

    I’m wondering what normal bearded dragon poop is supposed to look like? The first week of him pooping it was brown with white powder urate. now i’ve seen the traditionally brown “log” part as both brown and white. Also some liquid always comes out but the poop is solid. is this normal? what does...
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    number of dubias for 2 month old

    Hi so I’ve been feeding my 8 inch long beardie twice a day plus his salad. He’s been eating 20-25 half inch dubias or 18-20 BSFL in a sitting. Normally he probably could eat more dubias but i’m wondering if that’s healthy at that point? he does stop eating the worms on his own, but should i let...
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    New Baby Beardie Introduction !

    Hello everyone! I just made my account and wanted to introduce the beardie I got from Dachiu Dragons today! He is 8 inches long and a boy but I don't have a name yet. I am open to any suggestions! I look forward to being on this forum! :) Update: I just named him Walter.
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