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  1. KRayne's Legacy Uploads

    KRayne's Legacy Uploads

  2. KRayne

    New Pooping Habit...oh yay

    Hi, What does the poop look like? Is it solid and healthy or really runny?
  3. KRayne

    Feeling Discouraged

    Don't get discouraged :) It could just take time for your beardie to get comfortable. How big is the tank? Do you have a uvb bulb? If so what kind?
  4. KRayne

    Help~Why did this happen?

    I kept her tank as warm as I could last night and let her warm up for a couple hours before she went to bed. Thank you both for taking the time to help and give me advice :D
  5. KRayne

    Help~Why did this happen?

    Okay, I didn't know that. Thank you for all your help :) I appreciate it.
  6. KRayne

    Help~Why did this happen?

    Okay, I will definitely try that next time. Thank you so much :D I was really worried. Sometimes I think she binges on water. I offer it everyday, but if she's being fussy she turns her nose up at it and will run away. Then after a few days she'll take a lick and then won't stop! I'll make sure...
  7. KRayne

    Help~Why did this happen?

    My beardie is three and a half years old (approximately) and seems healthy. Nothing is really out of the ordinary for her, she has always been slightly lazy, but she's alert and active out of her tank. Although, she has been falling asleep an hour or so before her regular lights out (after 10...
  8. KRayne

    2016 Bearded Dragon Calendar Previews. PLEASE REVIEW

    Wow!!!! Everything looks amazing!!!!! You did an incredible job, thank you! Love it! :D <3
  9. KRayne

    Which one would you buy?

    I'd get the super dark leatherback because I love leatherbacks and and from what you said it sounds like you already have a red hypo
  10. KRayne

    Baby dubias climbing the walls! D:

    Glad I could help. I never even thought of using it with crickets lol. I think I'll have to try it :D
  11. KRayne

    Baby dubias climbing the walls! D:

    I haven't tried it but I heard if you get some clear masking tape and put it about an inch down from the air holes (sticky side stuck to the wall of the container) when the roaches reach it they won't get traction and they'll slip down the wall. Hope this helps :)
  12. KRayne

    Baby beardie and meal worms!

    Sorry I can't help with that :( Maybe try making a new post about that. Hopefully, someone can help you
  13. KRayne

    Water bowl or no water bowl?

    I feel that the risk of an upper respitory infection isn't worth having a water bowl in the tank. On the other hand as long as the humidity stays in a good range the water shouldn't pose an issue. I think that if you are able to offer drips of water a few times a day that's sufficient and your...
  14. KRayne

    Baby beardie and meal worms!

    First of all, meal worms aren't good. They can cause Impaction and have little nutritional value. Try a different worm if you can, like Phoenix worms or silkworms which are very good. If you aren't already, you could try to feed the crickets one at a time or in very small batches. As for the...
  15. KRayne

    Normal Coloring?

    That looks like normal colouring to me. Some beardies can be very yellow. I know my girlie is orange and her head colour is way more intense than the rest of her body. Keep an eye on his behaviour for anything out of the ordinary. It's a good thing you got his temp up to a good height. Congrats...
  16. KRayne

    Meet Nelson! *UPDATE*

    Nelson is such a cutie! Congrats! His eyes are sooo big! :D
  17. KRayne

    Bearded dragon morph question

    With the black eyes he'd be a translucent. It's hard to tell all the possible morphs without a picture and his parental lineage.
  18. KRayne

    Falcor and Tolkein! :)

    Gorgeous beardies! :D Tolkein is tiny compared to Falcor
  19. KRayne

    Post your colorful beardie pic here!

    Thank you :D
  20. KRayne

    Concerned Newbie beardie owner.

    You'll want a calcium powder, probably with d3, to dust his feeders with once a day, 5 days a week. And a vitamin powder with beta carotene(not vitamin a) for the other two days.
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