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    Health Impaction in Bearded Dragons - Spelling and grammar cleanup

    Spelling and grammar cleanup
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    Lighting Beginner Guide to Bearded Dragon Lighting - Spelling and grammar cleanup

    Spelling and grammar cleanup
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    Lighting Introduction to UV Lighting - Spelling and grammar cleanup

    Spelling and grammar cleanup
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    General Care Bearded Dragons - Care Sheet - Spelling and grammar cleanup

    Spelling and grammar cleanup
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    Behavior Why is My Bearded Dragon's Beard Black?

    Is Bearded Dragon Color Change Normal? The Physiology of Reptilian Color Changes Discomfort/Stress Fear Territorial Aggression/Seeing Own Reflection Mating Behavior Changes to the Environment Illness Brumation Improper Husbandry Other Possible Reasons for Color Changes Conclusions0Is Bearded...
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    General Do Bearded Dragons Need Baths? How Do I Bathe My Bearded Dragon?

    While bearded dragons don't require baths, it is helpful to bathe them under certain circumstances. Some reasons why a bearded dragon might get a bath include the following: hydration (only if your bearded dragon prefers to drink bath water) hygiene easing a particularly uncomfortable shedding...
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    General How Do I Keep My Bearded Dragon Hydrated?

    The best way to hydrate your bearded dragon depends significantly on your beardie's personality and preferred habits. For example, some bearded dragons have no problem drinking straight from a water dish in their enclosure. However, many bearded dragons ignore their water dish, likely because...
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    Enclosures What is the Ideal Humidity for a Bearded Dragon, and How Do I Maintain It?

    The ideal relative humidity in a bearded dragon enclosure should be around 30% to 40% during the day. In most homes, relative humidity goes up at night, so aim for the humidity levels to be at most 50% to 55%. Always keep the relative humidity above 20% to 25% if possible. However, it is...
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    Enclosures What Substrate Should I Use in My Bearded Dragon Enclosure?

    There is a wide variety of bearded dragon substrates and much debate within the bearded dragon community regarding which substrate is best. The choice frequently comes down to personal preference, cost, the personality of your bearded dragon, and other special considerations, such as your...
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    My Simi passed away yesterday

    So sorry to hear about Simi! So hard to lose a pet! Sounds like you did a lot to help these little guys. In humans, a high white cell count sounds like an infection..maybe the same for reptiles? I'm sorry that the vet wasn't able to save Simi!
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    black on eyelid

    Thanks for helping out on this one!
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    Bearded Dragon Mouth Discoloured

    Could it be related to something the beardie ate? Does it come off if you bathe the beardie?
  13. Shinryu


    Yeah that looks like shedding to me. I wouldn't mist her since beardies come from arid parts of Australia and don't need misting. You can give her a bath to help with the shedding though normally shedding comes off naturally too. She is so cute!
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    black on eyelid

    @AHBD does this look like anything concerning? I'm afraid I haven't seen this before.
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    Taming the wee beastie!

    Welcome! Artemis is a cutie. Here is a similar thread that I believe answers your question.
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    Help with Bioactive

    @CooperDragon @Claudiusx Do we know anyone familiar with bioactive terrariums? I'm afraid I've never looked into them before.
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    Weird yellow look on my bearded dragon?

    The scales can definitely look a bit weird right before a beardie sheds. I would probably wait until the shedding is over to see what it looks like then. I don’t see anything particularly concerning. @AHBD, do you agree?
  18. Shinryu


    Sometimes the shedding process leads to some unusual coloration of the scales but just in case, I'm tagging a couple of folks to make sure it's not some kind of fungus since would be good to catch that early. @CooperDragon and @AHBD, any ideas?
  19. Shinryu


    I think you may be referring to gut loading crickets. If that's the case, I found a post where a very experienced member of our community discusses how he gut loads his crickets to make them more nutritious for his beardie. For...
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